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DRILL-3209: Add support for reading Hive parquet tables using Drill native parquet reader

DRILL-3788: Expand the file selection to contain all files within the directory while creating DynamicDrillTable

DRILL-3836: Find free port automatically in TestBitRpc

This closes #168

DRILL-3766: Fix ResultSet.getRow() (make 1-based; return 0 at end).

Corrected for Avatica's non-JDBC-compliant behavior.

Also purged unused imports.

DRILL-3479: Sqlline shows incorrect version of Drill

edited drill in 10 for back tick error; config edits also

DRILL-3784: simple Jdbc program fails with NoClassDefFoundError

DRILL-3822: Have PathScanner use own, not thread-context, class loader.

this closes #166

DRILL-3819: Remove redundant check to ignore files beginning with '.'

DRILL-3817: Disable rewriting compound identifier for refresh metadata query

DRILL-1457: Push Limit past through UnionExchange.

Close apache/drill#169

DRILL-3781: Group by system function in schema-based table.

Fix is in Calcite-886. Add unit test and bump forked Calcite version in Drill.

DRILL-3786: Query with window function fails with IllegalFormatConversionException

this closes #239

DRILL-2274: Unable to allocate sv2 buffer after repeated attempts : JOIN, Order by used in query

- when ExternalSortBatch.newSV2() couldn't allocate a new SV2 it spills the spilledBatchGroups instead of batchGroups, otherwise no memory will be released for the sort's allocator

- copierAllocator is closed as soon as possible to free more memory for the sort

this closes #172

DRILL-3811: AtomicRemainder incorrectly accounts for transferred allocations

this closes #163

DRILL-3809: Make PrelFinalizer have instances rather than a single Prel since RelShuttleImpl has internal state.

DRILL-2583, DRILL-3428: Catch exceptions, and throw UserException#dataReadError with more context. This closes #161

+ Added convenient method to UserException for String.format(...)

Bridget user auth change, Venki review DRILL-3725/3622

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DRILL-3779: Fix NPE in mergeAndSpill(). Add more debug logging messages. Make copier per-batch memory limit power of 2. Get rid of some warnings. Add a few comments.

Address review comments.

Close apache/drill#160

fix links

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docs.json for UI > Console change

web ui > web console

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add Aman's comment DRILL-2743 from 8/21

Bridget's 1.2 changes

DRILL-2748: Improve cost estimation for Drill logical aggregation in query planner.

DRILL-1065: Support for ALTER ... RESET statement

+ Support for "SET option = value" statement (assumes scope as SESSION)

+ Bump Calcite version to include CALCITE-823 (Parser support for "ALTER

... RESET" statement). This commit includes a breaking change:

SqlSetOption#getName now returns a SqlIdentifier rather than a String

=> option names are multi-part identifiers, and do not

require escaping

+ Add rule in CompoundIdentifierConverter (+ Override annotations)

+ Improve error messages in SetOptionHandler

+ Add documentation (CompoundIdentifierConverter, OptionValue,

SessionOptionManager, SystemOptionManager)

- Does not include support for deleting short lived options

+ Default ExecutionControls option value should be at SYSTEM level

+ Change asserts to preconditions in SystemOptionManager

+ Add a precondition to TypeValidator's ctor to ensure default value are

set at SYSTEM level

this closes #159

DRILL-2908: Fix Parquet for var length vectors where encoding changes across pages. Add unit tests. Add option to make parquet page size and disctionary page size configurable at session level. This closes #162

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DRILL-3581: Upgrade to Guava 18.0

- Replace Stopwatch constructors with .createStarted() or .createUnstarted()

- Stop using InputSupplier and Closeables.closeQuietly

- Clean up quiet closes to log or (preferably) propagate.

- Add log4j to enforcer exclusions.

- Update HBaseTestSuite to add patching of Closeables.closeQuietly() and Stopwatch legacy methods. Only needed when running HBaseMiniCluster.

- Remove log4j from HBase's pom to provide exception logging.

- Remove log4j from Hive's shaded pom.

- Update Catastrophic failures to use the same pattern to ensure reporting.

- Update test framework to avoid trying IPv6 resolution. (This removes 90s pause from HBase startup in my tests)

This closes #361.

This closes #157.

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DRILL-3778: Add missed part of DRILL-3160 (making JDBC Javadoc available).

This closes #158


Configured Javadoc generation (title, package groups, version in headers).

Added link to JDBC page in Drill documentation site.

Edited/fixed some JDBC Javadoc comments.

Added explicit SQLConversionOverflowException to throws clauses for Javadoc


Added some imports for Javadoc references.


Fixed a couple Javadoc syntax errors.

Fixed POM indentation.

DRILL-3160: Make JDBC Javadoc documentation available to users

Delete deprecated Jackson access proxies.