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DRILL-6936: TestGracefulShutdown.gracefulShutdownThreadShouldBeInitializedBeforeClosingDrillbit fails if loopback address is set in hosts closes #1589

DRILL-6931: File listing: fix issue for S3 directory objects and improve performance for recursive listing closes #1590



Doc updates and edits for Drill 1.15

doc updates and edits DRILL-6611

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updates for Drill 1.15

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DRILL-6934: Update the option documentation for planner.enable_unnest_lateral closes #1587

Doc edits

doc for Drill-3610 and edit to drill shell doc

DRILL-6929: Exclude maprfs jar for default profile closes #1586

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.15.0

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DRILL-6925: Unable to generate Protobuf

- use ${maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory}/header to find header file from any submodule

- suppress UnresolvedMavenProperty, since IDE expects that property should be set explicitly

- update "kr.motd.maven:os-maven-plugin" github.com/trustin/os-maven-plugin to the latest 1.6.1 version

- correction of ${user.name} propery for "maven-jar-plugin" <Built-By>

- update "apache-rat-plugin" to solve undefined "excludeSubprojects" in IDE

- regenerate Java and C++ protobuf files

closes #1585

DRILL-6922: Do not set return result set option on query level if it is the same as current value

1. Rename return result option name to `exec.query.return_result_set_for_ddl`.

2. Add check if option value is the same as current value in DrillSqlWorker before setting result set option on query level.

3. Separate Session and Query options on Web UI.

closes #1584



DRILL-6920: Fix TestClient.testBasics() yarn test failure

closes #1582

edit semijoin option description


DRILL-6919: Fix compilation error in TestGracefulShutdown class for mapr profile

doc edits

DRILL-6962: Function coalesce returns an Error when none of the columns in coalesce exist in a parquet file

- Updated UntypedNullVector to hold value count when vector is allocated and transfered to another one;

- Updated RecordBatchLoader and DrillCursor to handle case when only UntypedNull values are present in RecordBatch (special case when data buffer is null but actual values are present);

- Added functions to cast UntypedNull value to other types for use in UDFs;

- Moved UntypedReader, UntypedHolderReaderImpl and UntypedReaderImpl from org.apache.drill.exec.vector.complex.impl to org.apache.drill.exec.vector package.

closes #1614

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DRILL-6915: Disable generation of test tables with case-sensitive names for non-Linux systems

closes #1580

DRILL-6916: Fix extraneous "${project.basedir}/src/site/resources/repo/" directory appearance

- update HBase lib from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 version (with fix for HBASE-21005)

closes #1579


DRILL-6913: Fix multiple error output in the console

1. Bump up Calcite version to 1.17.0-drill-r2 (includes CALCITE-2463).

2. Optimized exception handling in DrillSqlWorker getPlan method.

closes #1578