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DRILL-5571: Cancel running query from its Web UI

Currently, a running query can be cancelled by navigating to the Edit Query Tab of the profile page, making it difficult to access. This commit allows the user to cancel.

In addition, the Duration segment is also made visible by default rather than collapsed.

DRILL-3933: Surround $QUERY variable in double-quotes to avoid asterisk expansion in sqlline script

closes #1538

DRILL-6850: Force setting DRILL_LOGICAL Convention for DrillRelFactories and DrillFilterRel

- Fix workspace case insensitivity for JDBC storage plugin

DRILL-6843: Update SchemaBuilder comment to match implementation

The schema builder API evolved a while back. The class provides a detailed comment to explain usage. That comment was out of date. This fix updates the comment to match the code.

closes #1533

doc edit

monitoring metrics doc updates

DRILL-6039: Fixed drillbit.sh script to do graceful shutdown

closes #1536

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DRILL-6837: Missing reference for dynamically created Javascript library

A PR for DRILL-6084 broke the auto-complete library required for Edit Query page, with the removal of the static javascript library.


The dynamically loaded script is not defined in the Freemarker template page.

The fix is trivial.

FILES table info schema update in SHOW FILES doc

Drill-6680 add content to INFO SCHEMA for FILES table

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closes #1528

Added User meetup link

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Update 090-mongodb-storage-plugin.md

Adding information about possible authentication settings in connection URL for mongodb

DRILL-6611: Add Ctrl+Enter support for query submission

1. BugFix on parent commit: Ensure query submission is done with user name when impersonation is enabled.

2. Support non-Mac browsers

3. Support keyboard submission for profile pages with Edit Query tab.

Developer Day

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update drill doc pages with dates

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doc edit

DRILL-6850: JDBC integration tests failures

- Fix RDBMS integration tests (expected decimal output and testCrossSourceMultiFragmentJoin)

- Update libraries versions

- Resolve NPE for empty result

DRILL-4456: Add Hive translate UDF

closes #1527

DRILL-6819: Remove invisible back link in Drill WebUI

DRILL-6691: Unify checkstyle-config.xml files.

closes #1550

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DRILL-6744: Support varchar and decimal push down

1. Added enableStringsSignedMinMax parquet format plugin config and store.parquet.reader.strings_signed_min_max session option to control reading binary statistics for files generated by prior versions of Parquet 1.10.0.

2. Added ParquetReaderConfig to store configuration needed during reading parquet statistics or files.

3. Provided mechanism to enable varchar / decimal filter push down.

4. Added VersionUtil to compare Drill versions in string representation.

5. Added appropriate unit tests.

closes #1537

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Fixed imports for DRILL-6381

DRILL-6760: Retain original exception in Verbose Error Message

closes #1519

DRILL-6642: Update protocol-buffers version

1. Updated protobuf to version 3.6.1

2. Added protobuf to the root pom dependency management

3. Added classes BoundedByteString and LiteralByteString for compatibility with HBase

4. Added ProtobufPatcher to provide compatibility with MapR-DB and HBase

closes #1639

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edits to driver pages to include link to MapR Jdbc drivers

doc edit

doc edits: add driver links in 1.14 rn, edit plannerbroadcastthreshold option description

edit docs to add links to new mapr drill drivers, edit planner.broadcast_threshold option

DRILL-6809: Handle repeated map in schema inference

It turns out that the RowSet utilities build a repeated map without including the hidden $offsets$ vector in the metadata for the map. But, other parts in Drill do include this vector.

The RowSet behavior might be a bug which can be addressed in another PR.

This PR:

* Adds unit tests for map accessors at the row set level. Looks like these were never added originally. They are a simplified form of the ResultSetLoader map tests.

* Verified that the schema inference can infer a schema from a repeated map (using the RowSet style.)

* Added a test to reproduce the case from the bug.

* Made a tweak to the RowSetBuilder to allow access to the RowSetWriter which is needed by the new tests.

* Could of minor clean-ups.

closes #1513