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update jetty jar file

DRILL-5772: Enable UTF-8 support in query string by default

1. Bump up Drill Calcite version to in include CALCITE-2014 changes.

2. Add saffron.properties file to the Drill conf folder.

3. Add appopriate unit tests.

closes #936

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DRILL-5766: Fix XSS vulnerabilities in Drill

1. Bumped up freemarker version to 2.3.26-incubating.

2. Indicated default output format in Freemarker configuration (HTML).

3. Fixed Web UI bugs listed in DRILL-5346, DRILL-5341, DRILL-5339, DRILL-5338.

closes #935

DRILL-3449: When Foreman node dies, the FragmentExecutor still tries to send status updates to Foreman

closes #934

add attachments folder and new intellij jar file

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DRILL-5765: Json query profile is not shown on Web UI

closes #933

DRILL-5763: Fix NPE during MapRDBSubScan deserialization

close apache/drill#931

DRILL-5443: Rollup of external sort fixes

- DRILL-5758: the “record batch sizer” did not handle repeated columns correctly.

- Enabled managed sort by default

- Fix check style warning

- Fix for DRILL-5670

Estimation for size of spill batch read from disk was off. For some

reason, Drill needs an amount of memory 2x the data size. The previous

estimate was 1.5x. That error, accumulated over 47 columns, was enough

to cause an OOM.

- Code cleanup discovered during the investigation.

- Exception if reAlloc tries to double a zero-size vector

- DRILL-5804: Fixes issues with zero-length vector allocations.

- Better estimates array cardinality when it is fractional.

- Uses fractional cardinality to allocate new arrays.

- Prevents an infinite loop on reAlloc if the array starts empty.

- Fixed unit test issue

- Change batch size variables from int to long

closes #932

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DRILL-5757: CONVERT_TO_JSON function is failed while using non-existence field as a parameter.

close apache/drill#929

DRILL-5761: Disable Lilith ClassicMultiplexSocketAppender by default. Unify logback files.

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DRILL-5716: Queue-driven memory allocation

* Creates new core resource management and query queue abstractions.

* Adds queue information to the Protobuf layer.

* Foreman and Planner changes

- Abstracts memory management out to the new resource management layer.

This means deferring generating the physical plan JSON to later in the

process after memory planning.

* Web UI changes

* Adds queue information to the main page and the profile page to each


* Also sorts the list of options displayed in the Web UI.

- Added memory reserve

A new config parameter, exec.queue.memory_reserve_ratio, sets aside a

slice of total memory for operators that do not participate in the

memory assignment process. The default is 20% testing will tell us if

that value should be larger or smaller.

* Additional minor fixes

- Code cleanup.

- Added mechanism to abandon lease release during shutdown.

- Log queue configuration only when the config changes, rather than on

every query.

- Apply Boaz’ option to enforce a minimum memory allocation per


- Additional logging to help testers see what is happening.

closes #928

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DRILL-5752 this change includes:

1. Increased test parallelism and fixed associated bugs

2. Added test categories and categorized tests appropriately

- Don't exclude anything by default

- Increase test timeout

- Fixed flakey test

closes #940

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DRILL-5269 Make DirectSubScan Jackson JSON deserializable

closes #926

DRILL-5971: Fix INT64, INT32 logical types in complex parquet reader

Added the following types : ENUM (Binary annotated as ENUM) INT96 (Dictionary encoded)

Fixed issue with reading Dictionary encoded fixed width reader

Added test file generator

This closes #1049

DRILL-3993: Changes to support Calcite 1.13

- fixed all compiling errors (main changes were: Maven changes, chenges RelNode -> RelRoot, implementing some new methods from updated interfaces, chenges some literals, logger changes);

- fixed unexpected column errors, validation errors and assertion errors after Calcite update;

- fixed describe table/schema statement according to updated logic;

- added fixes with time-intervals;

- changed precision of BINARY to 65536 (was 1048576) according to updated logic (Calcite overrides bigger precision to own maxPrecision);

- ignored some incorrect tests with DRILL-3244;

- changed "Table not found" message to "Object not found within" according to new Calcite changes.

  1. … 56 more files in changeset.
DRILL-5698: Revert unnecessary changes to C++ client

DRILL-5740: Ensure spill directories are unique

A recent change added the node name and port to make the spill path

unique. Turns out we need to add this information to the single spill

directory name. The previous change use the node ID as a parent

directory, which turns out not to work well in practice.

closes #924

DRILL-5751: Fix unit tests to use local file system even if it is not set by default

DRILL-5751: Changes after code review.

close apache/drill#927

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DRILL-4286: Graceful shutdown of drillbit

closes #921

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DRILL-5726: Support Impersonation without authentication for REST API

DRILL-5726: Changes after code review.

close apache/drill#910

DRILL-5737: Hash Agg uses more than the allocated memory under certain low memory conditions Note: Provide a new config parameter HASHAGG_FALLBACK_ENABLED which is set to true by default. When 2 Phase HashAgg doesn't have enough memory to hold 2 partitions then based on this flag it either fallsback to old behavior of consuming unbounded memory or it fails the query.

close apache/drill#920

DRILL-5002: Using hive's date functions on top of date column gives wrong results for local time-zone

closes #937

DRILL-5717: Let some test cases be Local or TimeZone independent.

closes #904

nav change for logging and tracing title

edits to drill 1.11 docs

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DRILL-5657: Size-aware vector writer structure

- Vector and accessor layer

- Row Set layer

- Tuple and column models

- Revised write-time metadata

- "Result set loader" layer

this closes #914

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DRILL-5723: Added System Internal Options That can be Modified at Runtime Changes include:

1. Addition of internal options.

2. Refactoring of OptionManagers and OptionValidators.

3. Fixed ambiguity in the meaning of an option type, and changed its name to accessibleScopes.

4. Updated javadocs in the Option System classes.

5. Added RestClientFixture for testing the Rest API.

6. Fixed flakey test in TestExceptionInjection caused by race condition.

7. Fixed various tests which started zookeeper but failed to shut it down at the end of tests.

8. Added port hunting to the Drill Webserver for testing

9. Fixed various flaky tests

10. Fix compile issue

closes #923

  1. … 71 more files in changeset.
DRILL-5721: Query with only root fragment and no non-root fragment hangs when Drillbit to Drillbit Control Connection has network issues Note: 1) To resolve the issue all the fragments including root fragment which are assigned to be executed on Foreman node are scheduled locally and not sent over Control Tunnel. Also the FragmentStatusReporter is updated to sent the status update locally by fragments running on Foreman node. 2) Refactor for FragmentManager, setupRootFragment and startNewFragment 3) Update the test added for DRILL-5701 as there is change in behavior

DRILL-5729 explicitly made the travis container use openjdk7 to fix the build.

close apache/drill#913

edits to planner.memory.max_query_memory_per_node description