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Additional doc updates related to hash agg spill to disk

doc updates

repost of security and odbc doc updates

securing drill doc updates

edits to sort/hag operators doc

Drill odbc and security updates from C.Skrbina + spill to disk updates from B.Bevens

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DRILL-5725: Update Jackson version to 2.7.8

closes #908

DRILL-1051: Casting timestamp as date gives wrong result for dates earlier than 1883

- Fix DateAccessor's, TimestampAccessor's and TimeAccessor's converting joda time to java.sql

close apache/drill#915

doc update for DRILL-3867

DRILL-5712: Update the pom files with dependency exclusions for commons-codec

closes #903

DRILL-5714: Fix NPE when mapr-db plugin is used in table function

close #902

edit to ctas doc to include permissions option per DRILL-5391

add info to doc for DRILL-DRILL-5379

DRILL-5709: Provide a value vector method to convert a vector to nullable

Please see the DRILL-5709 for an explanation and example.

close apache/drill#901

minor doc updates

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Drill 1.11 doc update - pstore in-memory query profiles

minor doc edit

doc updates for Drill 1.11

DRILL-5697: Improve performance of filter operator for pattern matching

closes #907

minor doc edit

Drill 1.11 Encryption and Security Content from Catherine Skrbina/Drill 1.11 Identifier Quotes Content from Bridget Bevens

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DRILL-5704: Improve error message on client side when queries fail with "Failed to create schema tree." when Impersonation is enabled and logins are anonymous

DRILL-5701: Fix drill.connections.rpc.<user/control/data>.<encrypted/unencrypted> metric behavior

closes #894

DRILL-5645: negation of expression causes null pointer exception

closes #892

edits to docs for 1.11

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DRILL-5431: SSL Support (C++) - Fix Sasl on Windows to build from source (instead of install) directory

DRILL-5699: Drill Web UI Page Source Has Links To External Sites

close #891

Drill-5698 Escape version number period separator, this captures version numbers with 4 5 or 6 in them, like 1.8.0_144

release build

build example

remove print statements

close #890

updated numbering for release notes

Doc updates for the Drill 1.11 Release

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