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fix broken link

add ssl docs

Add SSL docs to Securing Drill section

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DRILL-6592: Unnest record batch size is called too frequently

closes #1376

DRILL-6596: Fix fillEmpties and set methods for Nullable variable length vectors to not use emptyByteArray

closes #1377

edits to fix links

edits to fix broken links

new doc for storage plugin config

storage plugin config file doc and new start-up option doc'd

new doc configuring storage plugins - new startup file

[DRILL-6581] C++ Client SSL Implementation Fixes/Improvements

DRILL-6575: Add store.hive.conf.properties option to allow set Hive properties at session level

closes #1365

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DRILL-6519: Add String Distance and Phonetic Functions

closes #1331

DRILL-6494: Drill Plugins Handler

- Storage Plugins Handler service is used op the Drill start-up stage and it updates storage plugins configs from

storage-plugins-override.conf file. If plugins configs are present in the persistence store - they are updated,

otherwise bootstrap plugins are updated and the result configs are loaded to persistence store. If the enabled

status is absent in the storage-plugins-override.conf file, the last plugin config enabled status persists.

- 'drill.exec.storage.action_on_plugins_override_file' Boot option is added. This is the action, which should be

performed on the storage-plugins-override.conf file after successful updating storage plugins configs.

Possible values are: "none" (default), "rename" and "remove".

- The "NULL" issue with updating Hive plugin config by REST is solved. But clients are still being instantiated for disabled

plugins - DRILL-6412.

- "org.honton.chas.hocon:jackson-dataformat-hocon" library is added for the proper deserializing HOCON conf file

- additional refactoring: "com.typesafe:config" and "org.apache.commons:commons-lang3" are placed into DependencyManagement

block with proper versions; correct properties for metrics in "drill-override-example.conf" are specified

closes #1345

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DRILL-6579: Added sanity checks to the Parquet reader to avoid infinite loops

closes #1361

DRILL-6578: Handle query cancellation in Parquet reader

closes #1360

DRILL-6577: Change Hash-Join fallback default to false

closes #1359

DRILL-6647: Update Calcite version to 1.17.0

closes #1425



add global query list doc

Add Global Query List doc

DRILL-6559: Travis timing out

* Excluding contrib module tests and all exec TPCH unit tests for travis full build.

* Introducing new TRAVIS profile

* Travis build is faster for 4-5 mins

closes #1364

DRILL-6537: Limit the batch size for buffering operators based on how much memory they get

closes #1342

DRILL-6516: Fix memory leak issue with Sort and StreamingAgg together

DRILL-6570: Fixed IndexOutofBoundException in Parquet Reader

DRILL-6560: Enhanced the batch statistics logging enablement

closes #1355

typo edits for decimal storage format

DRILL-6561: Lateral excluding the columns from output container provided by projection push into rules

This closes #1356

DRILL-6475: Unnest: Null fieldId Pointer.

closes #1381