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DRILL-3927: use OutOfMemoryException in more places Some code cleanup required for the upcoming introduction of the rewritten direct memory allocator. Chiefly the introduction of OutOfMemoryException handling in a few spots, the use of DrillAutoCloseables for some allocator close() calls, and some other minor cleanup. - removed the exclusion of exec/work from the jdbc-all jar, because it now depends on OutOfMemoryException, and that is derived from FragmentSetupException and Foreman Exception

this closes #199

DRILL-3232: Promotable writer

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DRILL-3920: Additional tests added to TestValueVectors for serialization and loading. Some light cleanup of a few vector implementations.

closes #194

DRILL-3429: Cast input of statistical window functions to double before rewriting the expression.

DRILL-3916: Add JDBC plugin to assembly

This commits adds the JDBC plugin jar to the assembly so that it can be

loaded by Drill as a storage plugin.

DRILL-3914: Gis contrib module with basic spatial queries functionality

This closes #191

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DRILL-3793: New MergeJoin and add RecordIterator interface

This closes #190

ODBC driver links

ODBC driver links

Neeraja's feedback

change title of Optimizing Parquet Metadata Reading

minor edit

preliminary 1.2 RN

minor table fix

minor change

key to bug number

add list of features

https correction

minor edits, hide release notes

updates for DRILL-3652 and DRILL-3904


ODBC Diable Asynch update


1.2 updates

Krystal's changes

Aman's changes

DRILL-3912: Common subexpression elimination

Closes #189

DRILL-3901: Don't do early expansion of directory in the non-metadata-cache case because it already happens during ParquetGroupScan's metadata gathering operation.

Update unit test that was changed by a previous fix for DRILL-3788

add support for multiple window functions in query, edits for 1.2

DRILL-3876: Avoid an extra copy of the original list when flattening

This only fixes a basic case, a more complete refactoring of the rewrite rule could avoid copies in cases with multiple flattens, this will be addressed in DRILL-3899.

close apache/drill#187

DRILL-3871: Off by one error while reading binary fields with one terminal null in parquet.

    • binary
    • binary
DRILL-3233: Expression handling for Union types

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upgading maven-release plugin to fix release issues

DRILL-3892: Once usedMetadataFile is set to true, don't change it. Modify unit test to test partition pruning with metadata cache. Fix indentation for a comment.

adding gpg signing key for adeneche

DRILL-3888: Build test jars for all Drill Modules

Move the test jar configuration to the root pom and remove it from individual module's pom.

This closes #188

DRILL-2361: Allow column aliases to include dots.

DRILL-3887: Fix bug where metadata file not being used

delete obsolete parquet metadata caching

delete obsolete parquet metadata caching

DFS to dfs, plug names are case-sensitive


minor edit

hide web ui stuff

metadata caching rewrite


fixes to TSV quote

1.2 rn

minor edit

fix spacing

Suresh's change

hide rn, typo web sec

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DRILL-3884: Fix lower parallelization issues with Hive's native scan.

This closes #185

updating user auth doc to include procedure for hiding password when connecting to drill

DRILL-3791: Fix bugs in JDBC storage plugin

Fixes issues with bit, date, time and timestamp types in MySQL.

DRILL-3869: Allow queries submitted through the web UI to end with a semi-colon

This closes #178

corrections per Venki

hide password



more formatting

code formatting

more code formatting

DRILL-2908 comments from Parth

minor edits

lower to upper case

what's new plus minor tweaks

minor edit

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