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DRILL-3555: Changing defaults for planner.memory.max_query_memory_per_node causes queries with window function to fail

this closes #137

DRILL-3711: Fix unit tests on Windows

DRILL-4169: Upgrade Hive storage plugin to work with Hive 1.2.1

+ HadoopShims.setTokenStr is moved to Utils.setTokenStr. There is no change

in functionality.

+ Disable binary partitions columns in Hive test suites. Binary

partition column feature is regressed in Hive 1.2.1 (HIVE-12680). This

should affect only the Hive execution which is used to generate the test

data. If Drill is talking to Hive v1.0.0 (which has binary partition

columns working), Drill should be able to get the data from Hive

without any issues (tested).

+ Move to tinyint_part from boolean_part as there is an issue with boolean

type partition columns too (HIVE-6590).

+ Update StorageHandler based test as there is an issue with test data

generation in Hive 1.2.1. Need a separate test with custom test StorageHandler.

this closes #302

DRILL-1942-hygiene: - add AutoCloseable to many classes - minor fixes - formatting

this closes #133

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DRILL-3707: Fix for DRILL-3616 can cause a NullPointerException in ExternalSort cleanup

This closes #130

DRILL-3313: Address review comments

DRILL-3680: Fix incorrect query result or IOBE when window function is used in subquery.

DRILL-3702: Fix partition pruning rule when the pruning filter expression has non-nullable type.

DRILL-3596: Allow only (<expression>) or (<expression>, 1) for LEAD and LAG window functions as input parameters

this closes #128

DRILL-3690: Fix partition pruning rule to correctly build new filter when original filter contains nested expressions closes #127

DRILL-3683: Add baseline and expected plan for TestWindowFunctions suite

DRILL-3412: Add ProjectWindowTransposeRule to push Project past Window

Fix is in CALCITE-844

DRILL-3583: Deprecate UserException#build method to avoid mishaps. This closes #123

DRILL-3661: Update: Fixed bad import.

DRILL-2489: Throw exception from remaining methods for closed JDBC objects.

Refactored unit test to check all methods per interface. (Replaced individual,

static test methods with bulk reflection-based checking.)


Added DrillResultSetMetaDataImpl.

Added method overrides to check state for remaining methods from Connection,

Statement, PreparedStatement, ResultSet, ResultSetMetaData and DatabaseMetaData.


- renamed checkNotClosed to throwIfClosed.

DRILL-3668: Incorrect results FIRST_VALUE function

added DefaultFrameTemplate.resetInternal() and generate code to set first value of internal batch to NULL at the end of each partition

added unit test to make sure bug has been fixed

this closes #146

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DRILL-3669: Fix missing indirect dependency.

DRILL-2743: Parquet file metadata caching

rebasing on top of master required conflict resolution in Parser.tdd and parserImpls.ftl

this closes #114

DRILL-2731 - Fix issue with sqlline printing stack trace if ResultSet throws a SQLException

DRILL-3661: Edit JDBC doc. for clarity, more consistency, bug fixes.

Also fixed two serialVersionUID literals.

  1. … 13 more files in changeset.

- Formatting

- @Overrides

- finals

- some AutoCloseable additions

- new isCancelled() abstract method on FragmentManager, implemented on subclasses

Added missing new abstract method isCancelled()

Close apache/drill#120

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DRILL-3643: NTILE(0) returns RuntimeException

DRILL-3654: FIRST_VALUE(<char-column>/<varchar-column>) returns IOB Exception

DRILL-3657: When constants are referred in Window Prel, ensure the indices are shifted properly

DRILL-3589: Update JDBC driver to shade and minimize dependencies.

Update build process to use shading, stop using Proguard.

Add simple integration test that verifies that the JDBC driver works

correctly with a clean classpath.

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json file

correct name of function

unhide parquet metadata feature



partition_by to partition by


hide parquet metadata

1.0 unresolved issues

minor edits

added the bit Andries suggested about 2 odbc.ini

corrected links

fix links ODBC install for Mac

rowkey filter pushdown



DRILL-3056 fix minor edit

DRILL-3056 edit

DRILL-3148 and Smidth's review changes

json doc to add jReport doc

json file

DRILL-3666: Replace assert check in InterpreterEvaluator.

DRILL-3635: IllegalArgumentException - not a Parquet file (too small). This closes #117.

DRILL-2625: StackTrace format to match JDK's Throwable's format closes #109