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DRILL-1372: Separate category B licenses into their own directory in the binary distribution.

Adding a statement about the category B licensed software in the NOTICE files and adding the appropriate reference to MIT licensed source in the LICENSE file for the source distribution.

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.5.0-incubating

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DRILL-1369: Constrain code compilation cache.

Remove stale sandbox directory no longer in use.

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Set max size for generated code cache.

Freeze hive fmpp > freemarker plugin dependency.

Updating fmpp so that is uses a specific version of the free marker plugin, avoiding build failures in situations where freemarker has a failed snapshot release.

Update READMEs

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Fix partition bug in hive storage

Decrease slice target to 100,000 records.

Fix allocation errors and bug in external sort

Fix for Parquet reader in larger files brought about by more aggressive memory management.

Maven cleanup & pom fixes

DRILL-1365: output unified coordinates at profile view

DRILL-1334: Make sure to copy operator id while cloning ParquetGroupScan

DRILL-1364: Remove extraneous old jersey-* jars from distribution.

DRILL-1299: Enable short circuit evaluation for case expressions in the run-time generated code.

DRILL-1315: Allow complex zookeeper string for JDBC connections, same as ODBC.

DRILL-1346: Use HBase table size information to improve scan parallelization

DRILL-1366: HBaseRecordReader does not set rowcount correctly if vectors run out of memory in the middle of the row.

DRILL-1340: Add support for JDBC metadata.

DRILL-1359 Fix reading and writing of repeated scalar types in Parquet

DRILL-1526: Move casting logic to utility methods.

DRILL-1265: Drill may incorrectly return null when evaluates an expression of repeated list. The fix is to correctly set offsets vectors for repeated list vector.

Update to latest parquet zero copy version.

DRILL-1525: Modify hash functions to use XXHash algorithm

DRILL-1309: Implement ProjectPastFilterPushdown and update DrillScanRel cost model so that exclusive column so that star query is more expensive than exclusive column projection. Various fixes affecting record reaaders to handle `*` column as well as fixes to some test cases.

exclude parquet files from rat check

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DRILL-1347: Update Hive storage plugin to Hive version 0.13.1 from current version 0.12.0.

DRILL-1355: Ensure Drill optimizer will use storage plugin specific rules, when a new storage plugin is added.

DRILL-1352: C++ Client. Update the decoding of nullable value vectors to read a byte for every nullable bit.