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DRILL-7620: Fix plugin mutability issues

A recent commit made the plugin registry more strict about

the rule that, once a plugin is registered, it must be

immutable. A flaw enforcing that rule in the UI put the

registry in an inconsistent state.


* Registry-specific errors

* Push more operations from UI layer into registry

* Clean up semantics of "resolve" for plugins

* Add more unit tests

* Better handling of "bad" plugins

* Force plugin names to lower case

* Fix comparison bugs in some format plugins

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DRILL-7622: Compilation error when using HLL / TDigest with `group by` clause

closes #2009

DRILL-7619: Fixed link to the metrics endpoint

DRILL-7637: Add an option to retrieve MapR SSL truststore/keystore credentials using MapR Web Security Manager

DRILL-7617: Disabled plugins not showing in Web UI

Fixes a misunderstanding in prior PR: getConfigs()

should return both enabled and disabled configs.

DRILL-7625: Add options for SslContextFactory

closes #2012

DRILL-7615: UNION ALL query returns the wrong result for the decimal value

closes #2006

DRILL-7614: Try to add some helpful tips to Testing.md

closes #2003

DRILL-7547: Support credentials store for mongo connections

This uses the hadoop `Configuration.getPassword` method to retrieve the

username and password for mongo connections. This allows the user to

supply credentials or credential store configuration in core-site.xml

instead of inlining the credentials in the storage plugin configuration

that is stored in ZooKeeper.

Refer to the CredentialProviderAPI document for more information about

how credential provider plugins work.

closes #2001

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DRILL-7587: Fix ValuesPrule distribution trait type

closes #2002

DRILL-7596: drill-format-esri module Uses Hard Coded Version Number

DRILL-7578: HDF5 Metadata Queries Fail with Large Files

DRILL-7607: support dynamic credit based flow control

closes #2000

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Some little fixups for the docs for date & time functions

DRILL-7605: Preserve query form field values between reloads / navigation

It is nice to continue where you left off when returning to the query


closes #1995

DRILL-7203: Accept impersonation userName as form field & fix back button for query page

Requiring the impersonation username to be sent as an HTTP header made

it difficult to implement the Web UI submission. This changes it so

that the userName can be sent as a form field instead, allowing the Web

UI to do a "normal" form submission, which fixes the back button, avoids

the use of the deprecated "document.open" API call, and may avoid other

glitches in the future.

closes #1994

DRILL-7601: Shift column conversion to reader from scan framework

Allows the column writers to be generic, moves scan-specific

conversions into each reader where needed, implemented in

a reader-specific way.

Adds a revised way of handling projections in the result set

loader that is not coupled with conversion, as the prior

design was.

Updates the CSV, Avro, Log and HDF5 readers.

closes #1993

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DRILL-7514: Update Apache POI to Latest Version

closes #1991

DRILL-7477: Allow passing table function parameters into ANALYZE statement

- Fix logical dir pruning when table function is used

closes #2005

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DRILL-7594: Remove unused DrillStoreRel

closes #1990

DRILL-7592: Add missing licenses and update plugins exclusion list and fix licenses

closes #1989

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DRILL-7589: Set temporary tests folder for UDF_DIRECTORY_LOCAL, fix allocators closing in BloomFilterTest and TestWriteToDisk, fix permissions issue for TestGracefulShutdown tests

closes #1987

Additional changes for Drill Metastore docs

DRILL-7582: Moved Drillbits REST API communication to the back end layer

closes #1999

DRILL-7565: ANALYZE TABLE ... REFRESH METADATA does not work for empty Parquet files

- Fixed ConvertMetadataAggregateToDirectScanRule rule to distinguish array columns correctly and proceed using other parquet metadata if such columns are found.

- Added new implicit column which signalizes whether the empty result is obtained during collecting metadata and helps to distinguish real data results from metadata results.

- Updated scan to return row with metadata if the above implicit column is present.

- Added unit tests for checking the correctness of both optional and required columns from empty files.

closes #1985

DRILL-7586: Fix loading incorrect version of commons-lang3

closes #1984

DRILL-7584: Fix method name spelling

DRILL-7583: Remove STOP status from operator outcome

Now that all operators have been converted to throw

exceptions on error condistions, the STOP status is

unused. This patch removes the STOP status and the

related kill() and killIncoming() methods. The

"kill" methods are replaced by "cancel" methods which

handle "normal" case cancellation, such as for


closes #1981

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Fix typo

Update 010-rest-api-introduction.md