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DRILL-1776: C++ Client. Add interface to get application context.

DRILL-1141:ISNUMERIC function

DRILL-1738: Allow case insensitive read in Complex parquet reader

DRILL-1772: Improve error propagation to client for Foreman.

Fix for flatten receiving a non-repeated type during fast schema step.

DRILL-1787: Fix memory leak in kvgen function.

DRILL-1753: Flatten 2 level repeated map

DRILL-1641: Fix failure of kvgen(...) on indexed repeated map.

DRILL-1488: Provide configurable option to set the sql identifier max length which is passed to Calcite's SQL parser. Main fix is in Calcite version 0.9-drill-r9 (see CALCITE-464).

DRILL-1781: Fast Complex Schema

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DRILL-1743: check capacity before writing into map vector

DRILL-1775: Fix BINARY ENUM in Parquet converter.

DRILL-1741: kvgen support for complex values (maps/ lists)

DRILL-1749: Support nested maps in the flatten operator.

DRILL-1517: Update Foreman to improve state management.

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DRILL-1828: In ProjectRecordBatch, add a case for expression classification

DRILL-1707: Don't push Filter past Project if the Filter is referencing ITEM expression produced by the Project (this is done as part of a new rule). Enable a few tests in TestProjectPushDown and TestExampleQueries that were marked Ignored earlier.

DRILL-1673: Set the correct group count in splitAndTransferTo for repeated vectors Handle the case in FlattedRecordBatch where we return null internal vectors for repeated lists in the first schema batch

DRILL-1185: Drill not picking up 'text' files from classpath

DRILL-1719 - handle the case in which /var/log/drill exists but the current user does not have permission to write to it

DRILL-1720: Enable incremental maven builds

DRILL-1635: Additional fix for validation exceptions.

DRILL-1700: Removed incorrect assertion in memory allocation code

DRILL-1404: Queries with empty results are throwing "HTTP ERROR 500" from Web UI

DRILL-1664: Count(*) returns incorrect result for a parquet file with repeated data.

DRILL-1701: Fix for nullable dictionary columns in optimized parquet reader. Re-enable the optimized reader for dictionary encoded files.

DRILL-1705: Fix bug when loading nested repeated vectors

DRILL-1702: Fix issue where 4 byte DrillBuf is sent even though there are no values when using varchar or repeated vector.

DRILL-1703: Fix situation where repeated map vector was re-adding column name on second record batch.

DRILL-1610: Don't apply partition pruning optimization if one of the disjuncts don't meet pruning criteria