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DRILL-6870: Upgrade to ANTLR4

closes #1554

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DRILL-6861: Hash-Join should not exit after an empty probe-side spilled partition

DRILL-6818: Add descriptions to secondary index options.

closes #1545

DRILL-6876: Enable CircleCI builds for JDK 9-11

close apache/drill#1558

DRILL-6751: Upgrade Apache parent POM to version 21

- Update apache.pom file version to 21 (with updating some maven plugins versions)

- Include Drill's sources jars on assembly stage in <moduleSets> (not <dependencySets>)

for properincluding jars with last apache-21.pom

- Separate "distro-assembly" to the two execution stages to avoid:

[WARNING] Assembly file: <DRILL_HOME>/distribution/target/apache-drill-1.15.0-SNAPSHOT is not a regular

file (it may be a directory). It cannot be attached to the project build for installation or deployment.

- Remove unsused <include>/<exclude> in assebly descriptor to avoid:

[WARNING] The following patterns were never triggered in this artifact inclusion filter

- Update "maven-assembly-plugin" version

- Update "slf4j" version

- Update "mockito-core" version

- Update "bcpkix-jdk15on" (Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs) version

close apache/drill#1561

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DRILL-6853: Make the complex parquet reader batch max row size configurable

DRILL-6850: Allow configuring table names case sensitivity for JDBC storage plugin

closes #1542

DRILL-6668: In Web UI, highlight options that are not default values

This commit introduces a new button on the options page that allows a user to reset an option to its system default value.

To simplify things, a tooltip is shown when the mouse hovers over the button. If the option value is already default, the button is disabled.

Currently, the Update button redirects to /option/optionName . This change reuses what we already are using to set the default (using AJAX) and auto-refreshing

Switch [Default] label to [Reset]

Patch To Pass StatusResourcesTest

closes #1543

doc updates



monitoring metrics edits

metrics page edits

edit monitoring metrics page to include additional metrics

DRILL-6848: Duration panel in a query profile's WebUI does not open

DRILL-5571 ( PR #1531 ) accidentally introduced a bug that permanently keeps the "Duration" panel closed instead of opening it. This trivial patch fixes that.

Drill 6735: Implement Semi-Join for the Hash-Join operator (#1522)

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DRILL-2035: Add ability to cancel multiple queries

Currently Drill UI allows canceling one query at a time.

This commit (on lines of DRILL-5571 / PR #1531) allows for cancelling multiple `running` queries.

DRILL-5571: Cancel running query from its Web UI

Currently, a running query can be cancelled by navigating to the Edit Query Tab of the profile page, making it difficult to access. This commit allows the user to cancel.

In addition, the Duration segment is also made visible by default rather than collapsed.

DRILL-3933: Surround $QUERY variable in double-quotes to avoid asterisk expansion in sqlline script

closes #1538

DRILL-6850: Force setting DRILL_LOGICAL Convention for DrillRelFactories and DrillFilterRel

- Fix workspace case insensitivity for JDBC storage plugin

DRILL-6843: Update SchemaBuilder comment to match implementation

The schema builder API evolved a while back. The class provides a detailed comment to explain usage. That comment was out of date. This fix updates the comment to match the code.

closes #1533

doc edit

monitoring metrics doc updates

DRILL-6039: Fixed drillbit.sh script to do graceful shutdown

closes #1536

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DRILL-6837: Missing reference for dynamically created Javascript library

A PR for DRILL-6084 broke the auto-complete library required for Edit Query page, with the removal of the static javascript library.


The dynamically loaded script is not defined in the Freemarker template page.

The fix is trivial.

FILES table info schema update in SHOW FILES doc

Drill-6680 add content to INFO SCHEMA for FILES table

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closes #1528

Added User meetup link

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Update 090-mongodb-storage-plugin.md

Adding information about possible authentication settings in connection URL for mongodb