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DRILL-927: Run-time code generation support for reading Complex Type.

Fix in RepeatedMapVector.

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DRILL-869: ExprParser fails when operators have space in name.

DRILL-864: MergeJoinBatch fails to set record count in ValueVectors in container

Enable View persistence, Storage Plugin and System option persistence.




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DRILL-967: Age and shift functions.

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DRILL-856: Reduce code-generation size for MergingReceiver

DRILL-854: PartitionSender generated code is too large

DRILL-853: Enable broadcast joins and fix some issues with BroadcastExchange and ScreenCreator.

DRILL-988: trunc(num) bugfix handle data loss

DRILL-672: Queries against HBase table do not close after the data is returned.

DRILL-855: Improve work assignment parallelization

DRILL-843: Drillbit goes down after running a large number of queries in a series

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DRILL-665: Handle null values in case expressions (contd).

1. Added functions for converting REQUIRED holder into NULLABLE holder where the minorType is same.

2. Update in Optiq->Drill literal conversion. First check if it null type, before parsing the literal value. Parsing literal value will cause NPE if the type is NULL.

3. Changed getReturnType of IfExpression to consider the nullable types of THEN and ELSE expressions.

4. Added testcases.

Fix runtime generated code for HashJoinProbeTemplate. Use logger level ERROR when a fragment failure occurs

DRILL-648: Multiple sort failure in single mode when running TPCH queries

DRILL-847: Handle different schemas for Merging receiver.

DRILL-829: Use ISO8601 date/time format in log file

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DRILL-831: Execute the probe phase for outer joins if the build side is empty (fix for NOT IN bug).

Add BaseRootExec which will enable collection of stats for Senders Add SenderStats that collects stats specific to senders.

Rebase fixes

DRILL-824: MergingRecordBatch.next() fails to reallocate the outgoing vectors if copyFromSafe returns false.

DRILL-827: Fix bug in reading dictionary encoded columns in parquet.

Update client and server to wait to close before returning to avoid spurious allocator test failures.

DRILL-826: Improve efficiency of BitVector when getting and setting

DRILL-825: MaterializedField is mutable and is not suitable as a KEY in a MAP

+ Minor optimization/cleanup in HBaseRecordReader

DRILL-800: Partitioner is dropping records that can't fit in the available space of ValueVectors in OutgoingRecordBatch.

copy unmerged records in merge sort to new buffer

Fix serialization of IntervalYear in ExpressionStringBuilder

Increase average bytes allocated for key vectors in HashAggBatch

DRILL-816: Fix bug with reading nullable columns resulting in mismatched number of records in vectors.

Bug fixes in Project operator. Use allocateNewSafe() to allocate space for outgoing batch in Project.

Reenable testcase.