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DRILL-1333: Flatten operator for allowing more complex queryies against repeated data.

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Adding my public key.

DRILL-1516: When searching for the java executable, ignore directories named "java"

DRILL-1511: C++ Client. Fix compiling issues in DRILL-1297 patch.

- Remove forward enum type declaration (not allowed in C++ 03).

- Add space between `<` and `::` to fix compilation of clang

DRILL-1505: Updating Session Value Doesn't Reflect In 'sys.options' Query Output

Updated plugin version to 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT

Setting to SNAPSHOT version, (missed while collecting the stale PRs)

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Updating projects version to 0.7.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT.

The following pull requests have been either been merged or closed as of this release.

closes #1 (via 207f2e4)

closes #3 (*No longer relevant*)

closes #8 (via cb3132a)

closes #11 (via 727adb7, a73512d)

closes #12 (*Issue fixed via DRILL-88*)

closes #13 (*Closed as Won't Fix*)

closes #14 (via f0be80d)

closes #17 (via a38856c)

closes #35 (via 741aab0)

closes #60 (via 1648195)

closes #64 (Resolved as part of other function merges)

closes #65 (via 28dd76a)

closes #66 (via 4862b2b)

closes #67 (via 2ca9c90)

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DRILL-1497: Fix test failure in o.a.drill.jdbc.test.TestMetadataDDL

DRILL-1495: Test cases should log relevant message in case of expected failures

DRILL-1494: Fix annoying and unnecessary warning 'Failure while trying to load .drill file'

DRILL-1493: Upgrade ASM to 5.0

DRILL-1492: Update readme with supported versions of Java

* Keeping the supported Java version to 7 until we get all issues around Java 8 resolved.

DRILL-1490: Upgrade to ProGaurd 5.0

DRILL-1393: Set record count before clearing SV2 in RecordBatchData

DRILL-1459: fix an issue that causes jvm to crash: fix field materialization to include child nodes during materialization; prevent RecordBatchLoader from creating multiple vectors for the same field; fix a test case;

DRILL-1484: shutdown executors when connection is closed

DRILL-1485: tools/verify_release.sh does not have execute permission bit set

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.6.0-incubating

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Add key

DRILL-1473: o.a.d.exec.planner.logical.DrillPushPartitionFilterIntoScan asserts on Windows

DRILL-1384: Part 1 - Rebase on Calcite. Change code due to Calcite package renaming/re-structure.

Optiq changed to use DATETIME_PLUS. Have to handle it in Drill.

PushFilterPastJoinRule has some issue. Temp fix for that.

Failed unit tests:

1) TestFlatten

2) TestConvertFunctions / TestComplexTypeWriter : "Concat"

3) TPCH Q16 : CanNotPlanException

Feed a RelDataTypeSystem into planner, to support decimal with precision/scale up to 38.

Remove assertion in DrillFilterRel. Optiq/Calcite could create a TRUE AND TRUE for query like WHERE col1 in (select ...) and col2 in (select ...) .

Rebase on calcite-1.1.0-drill-test-r1. Change code due to Calcite package renaming/re-structure.

Rebase on calcite : remaing with perl script. Part 1

reverse change to jdbc test.

Renaming for rebasing calcite. Part 2

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 3

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 4

Reverse change to testcase in jdbc.

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 5

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 6

remove 1.sh

WindowRel change related.

Renaming for calcite rebase. Part 7

PreprocessLogical and AggPrelBase

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 8. More manual change

Rebasing Calcite. Part 9

Rebasing calcite. Part 10

Rebasing API change from Calcite.

SQL parser change, due to Calcite rebasing.

Renaming change for calcite rebasing.

Renaming package due to Calcite rebasing.

Renaming package due to Calicte Rebase.

Work in progress for calcite rebasing.

Change import package names due to Calcite rebase.

Code refactor due to Calcite rebasing.

Fix bug in DistributionTraitDef.

Resolve compiler error, due to Calcite Rebasing.

Resolve compiler error after Calcite Rebasing.

minor change.

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DRILL-1461: remove map and list repeated count functions, as they are not working

DRILL-1476: Clear transfer pair list when in Limit when schema changes

DRILL-1474: [AtomicRemainder] Failure to allocate requested memory should be logged as warning

DRILL-1433: Fixing Where query on HBase store when row_key doesn't exist in HBase

DRILL-1468: Ensure text reader returns all columns when the field `columns` present in projected field list

DRILL-1368 - Fix to read Parquet Gzip files on systems

DRILL-1428 - SqlLine fails to start on Windows

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DRILL-1444: Fix cancel in C++ client library