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edits for JJ transform

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DRILL-6143: Made FragmentsRunner's rpc timeout larger to reduce random failures and made it configurable as a SystemOption.

closes #1119

DRILL-6324: Unnest - Initial Implementation

- Based on Flatten

- Implement unnestRecords in UnnestTemplate

- Remove unnecessary code inherited from Flatten/Project. Add schema change handling.

- Fix build failure after rebase since RecordBatchSizer used by UNNEST was relocated to a different package

- Add unit tests

- Handling of input row splitting across multiple batches. Also do not kill incoming in killIncoming.

- Schema change generated by Unnest

edits to put headings in order

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add opentsdb SP doc, update other docs so titles have quotes

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DRILL-6294: Changes to support Calcite 1.16.0 , and remove deprecated API usage

closes #1198

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DRILL-6140: Correctly list Operators in Profiles Page

Operators listed in Profiles Page don't always correspond with operator specified in Physical Plan.

This commit fixes that by using the PhysicalPlan as a reference, but reverts to the inferred names in the event of an Exchange-based operator

closes #1116

DRILL-6138: Move RecordBatchSizer to org.apache.drill.exec.record package

This closes #1115

DRILL-6114: Metadata revisions

Support for union vectors, list vectors, repeated list vectors. Refactored metadata classes.

closes #1112

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DRILL-5902: Queries encounter random failure due to RPC connection timed out

close apache/drill#1113

minor edit

add option exec.java.compiler.exp_in_method_size to docs

DRILL-6323: Lateral Join - Initial implementation

DRILL-6322: Lateral Join: Common changes - Add new iterOutcome, Operatortypes, MockRecordBatch for testing

Added new Iterator State EMIT, added operatos LATERA_JOIN & UNNEST in CoreOperatorType and added LateralContract interface

Implementation of MockRecordBatch to test operator behavior for different IterOutcomes. a) Creates new output container for schema change cases. b) Doesn't create new container for each next() call without schema change, since the operator in test expects the ValueVector object in it's incoming batch to be same unless a OK_NEW_SCHEMA case is hit. Since setup() method of operator in test will store the reference to value vector received in first batch

This closes #1211

DRILL-6137: Fixed join error when one file partition is empty

DRILL-6128: Wrong Result with Nested Loop Join

This closes #1109

DRILL-6321: Customize Drill's conformance. Allow support to APPLY keywords

close apache/drill#1224



Fix checkstyle

DRILL-6130: Fix NPE during physical plan submission for various storage plugins

1. Fixed ser / de issues for Hive, Kafka, Hbase plugins.

2. Added physical plan submission unit test for all storage plugins in contrib module.

3. Refactoring.

closes #1108

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DRILL-6129: Fixed query failure due to nested column data type change

This closes #1106

DRILL-6125: Fix possible memory leak when query is cancelled or finished.

close apache/drill#1105


DRILL-6119: The OpenTSDB storage plugin is not included in the Drill distribution

closes #1102

minor edits

update docs for NaN infinity type support and bounds checking behavior change

DRILL-6089: Removed ordering trait from HashJoin in planner and verified the planner does not assume HashJoin preserves ordering.

closes #1117

DRILL-6106: Use valueOf method instead of constructor since valueOf has a higher performance by caching frequently requested values.

closes #1099

minor edit

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minor edit

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Doc updates per DRILL-5726

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DRILL-6102: Fix ConcurrentModificationException in the BaseAllocator's print method

closes #1100