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DRILL-4571: Add link to local Drill logs from the web UI

This closes #472

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DRILL-4199: Add Support for HBase 1.X

DRILL-4546: Only generate one zip archive when using apache-release profile

Drill root pom doesn't override completely Apache parent pom configuration

regarding assemblies, which caused a zip archive of the project to be generated

twice, and deployed to a remote server twice too.

The fix uses the plugin properties to override the configuration. Also remove

Drill source assembly descriptor as the Apache parent project provides the same one.

DRILL-4551: Implement new functions (cot, regex_matches, split_part, isdate)

DRILL-4549: Add support for more truncation units in date_trunc function

DRILL-2100: Added deleting temporary spill directories when query is finished.

This closes #454

DRILL-4544: Improve error messages for REFRESH TABLE METADATA command 1. Added error message when storage plugin or workspace does not exist 2. Updated error message when refresh metadata is not supported 3. Unit tests

closes #448

DRILL-4529: Force $SUM0 to be used when Window Sum is supposed to returned non-nullable type

DRILL-4530: Optimize partition pruning with metadata caching for the single partition case.

- Enhance PruneScanRule to detect single partitions based on referenced dirs in the filter.

- Keep a new status of EXPANDED_PARTIAL for FileSelection.

- Create separate .directories metadata file to prune directories first before files.

- Introduce cacheFileRoot attribute to keep track of the parent directory of the cache file after partition pruning.

Check if prefix components are non-null the very first time single partition info is initialized.

Add separate interface method to create scan using a cacheFileRoot.

Create filenames list with unique names using fileSet if available. Add several unit tests.

Populate only fileSet when expanding using the metadata cache.

Remove cacheFileRoot parameter from FileGroupScan's clone() method and instead leverage it from FileSelection.

Keep track of whether all partitions were previously pruned and process this state where needed.

close apache/drill#519

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Update MapR v5.1.0 artifacts version

DRILL-4523: Disallow using loopback address in distributed mode

closes #445

DRILL-4531: Add a Drill customized rule for pushing filter past aggregate

DRILL-3623: For limit 0 queries, optionally use a shorter execution path when result column types are known

+ "planner.enable_limit0_optimization" option is disabled by default

+ Print plan in PlanTestBase if TEST_QUERY_PRINTING_SILENT is set

+ Fix DrillTestWrapper to verify expected and actual schema

+ Correct the schema of results in TestInbuiltHiveUDFs#testXpath_Double

This closes #405

remove support jdk 1.8

remove jdk 1.8 support

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DRILL-6574: Add option to push LIMIT(0) on top of SCAN (late limit 0 optimization)

DRILL-4525: Allow SqlBetweenOperator to accept LOWER_OPERAND and UPPER_OPERAND with different types

update per DRILL-4515

update per DRILL-4515

Bump calcite version to 1.4.0-drill-r11

update release notes to include DRILL-4287 as resolved bug

1.6 download link update

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1.6 download link updates

DRILL-4514: Add describe schema <schema_name> command

close apache/drill#436.

updated docs.json

1.6 release updates

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DRILL-4317: Exceptions on SELECT and CTAS with large CSV files

this closes #432

MD-813: Improve count(*) queries against MapR-DB Json tables.

+ Fail query on schema change.

+ Added a configuration option 'ignoreSchemaChange', which when enabled, drops the rows from the result


1.6 edits

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