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Fix Web UI link

DRILL-7573: Support htpasswd based authentication

In containerized environments, PAM based authentication is not convenient.

This provides a simple mechanism for setting up users' passwords

that can be managed using docker volume mounts.

closes #1977

DRILL-7590: Refactor plugin registry

Major cleanup of the plugin registry to split it into components

in preparation for a proper plugin API.

Better coordinates the named and ephemeral plugin caches.

Cleans up the registry API. Sharpens rules for modifying

plugin configs.

closes #1988

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DRILL-7634: Rollup of code cleanup changes

Collection of code cleanup changes. The most significant

is to create constants for function names.

closes #2020

  1. … 114 more files in changeset.
DRILL-7576: Fail fast for operator errors

Converts operators to fail with a UserException rather than using

the STOP iterator status. The result is clearer error messages

and simpler code.

closes #1975

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DRILL-7574: Generalize the projection parser

Adds support for multi-dimensional arrays, and columns

projected as both an array and a map.

closes #1974

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DRILL-7575: Fix typo in class name of FormSecurityHandler

DRILL-7562: Support HTTP Basic authentication for REST API calls

This can greatly simplify the development of HTTP clients, as well as

use from the command line using curl/wget, since you don't have to

deal with storing the session cookie.

closes #1972

DRILL-7572: JSON structure parser

Provides a structure-driven parser for JSON. Provides an intermediate

level beteen the Jackson JSON parser and the "shims" that write to

Drill value vectors via the EVF.

close #1971

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DRILL-5733: Unable to SELECT from parquet file with Hadoop 2.7.4

closes #1969

DRILL-7570: Fix unstable statistics tests

DRILL-7543: Use GitHub Actions for CI

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More changes after code review

DRILL-7540: Update Calcite.md doc

Changes after code review

DRILL-7549: Fix validation error when querying absent sub folder in embedded mode

closes #1963

Updating dev environment setup doc to skip tests on install

DRILL-7544: Upgrade Iceberg version to support Parquet 1.11.0

1. Upgraded Iceberg to the commit that supports Parquet 1.11.0.

2. Removed workaround in ExpirationHandler and used built-in logic from Iceberg library.

3. Updated description about expiration logic in README.md.

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DRILL-7527: DROP METADATA doesn't work with table name starting with '/' inside workspace

closes #1958

DRILL-7504: Upgrade Parquet library to 1.11.0

closes #1970

DRILL-7530: Fix class names in loggers

1. Fix incorrect class names for loggers.

2. Minor code cleanup.

closes #1957

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DRILL-7233: Format Plugin for HDF5

closes #1778

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DRILL-7467: Jdbc plugin enhancements and fixes

1. Added logic to close data source when plugin is closed.

2. Added disabled jdbc plugin template to the bootstrap storage plugins.

3. Added new jdbc storage plugin configuration property sourceParameters which would allow setting data source parameters described in BasicDataSource Configuration Parameters.

4. Upgraded commons-dbcp2 version and added it to the dependency management section in common pom.xml.

closes #1956

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DRILL-7491: Incorrect count() returned for complex types in parquet

closes #1955

DRILL-7509: Incorrect TupleSchema is created for DICT column when querying Parquet files

Add docs for Drill Metastore

update readme.md

DRILL-7518: Support INT_64 for nullable INT64 in Parquet

closes #1952

DRILL-7495: Excel Reader Not Parsing Dates Correctly in First Column

Update README.md