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add Aman's comment DRILL-2743 from 8/21

Bridget's 1.2 changes

DRILL-2748: Improve cost estimation for Drill logical aggregation in query planner.

DRILL-1065: Support for ALTER ... RESET statement

+ Support for "SET option = value" statement (assumes scope as SESSION)

+ Bump Calcite version to include CALCITE-823 (Parser support for "ALTER

... RESET" statement). This commit includes a breaking change:

SqlSetOption#getName now returns a SqlIdentifier rather than a String

=> option names are multi-part identifiers, and do not

require escaping

+ Add rule in CompoundIdentifierConverter (+ Override annotations)

+ Improve error messages in SetOptionHandler

+ Add documentation (CompoundIdentifierConverter, OptionValue,

SessionOptionManager, SystemOptionManager)

- Does not include support for deleting short lived options

+ Default ExecutionControls option value should be at SYSTEM level

+ Change asserts to preconditions in SystemOptionManager

+ Add a precondition to TypeValidator's ctor to ensure default value are

set at SYSTEM level

this closes #159

DRILL-2908: Fix Parquet for var length vectors where encoding changes across pages. Add unit tests. Add option to make parquet page size and disctionary page size configurable at session level. This closes #162

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DRILL-3581: Upgrade to Guava 18.0

- Replace Stopwatch constructors with .createStarted() or .createUnstarted()

- Stop using InputSupplier and Closeables.closeQuietly

- Clean up quiet closes to log or (preferably) propagate.

- Add log4j to enforcer exclusions.

- Update HBaseTestSuite to add patching of Closeables.closeQuietly() and Stopwatch legacy methods. Only needed when running HBaseMiniCluster.

- Remove log4j from HBase's pom to provide exception logging.

- Remove log4j from Hive's shaded pom.

- Update Catastrophic failures to use the same pattern to ensure reporting.

- Update test framework to avoid trying IPv6 resolution. (This removes 90s pause from HBase startup in my tests)

This closes #361.

This closes #157.

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DRILL-3778: Add missed part of DRILL-3160 (making JDBC Javadoc available).

This closes #158


Configured Javadoc generation (title, package groups, version in headers).

Added link to JDBC page in Drill documentation site.

Edited/fixed some JDBC Javadoc comments.

Added explicit SQLConversionOverflowException to throws clauses for Javadoc


Added some imports for Javadoc references.


Fixed a couple Javadoc syntax errors.

Fixed POM indentation.

DRILL-3160: Make JDBC Javadoc documentation available to users

Delete deprecated Jackson access proxies.

Disable TestExampleQueries.testTextPartitions() until DRILL-3774 is fixed.

Reduce test time by not waiting 2 seconds for newly submitted tasks before shutting down RPC thread pool.

DRILL-3201: Support security for access through Web UI

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DRILL-3735: For partition pruning divide up the partition lists into sublists of 64K each and iterate over each sublist.

Add abstract base class for various partition descriptors. Add logging messages in PruneScanRule for better debuggability.

Address review comments.

Close apache/drill#156

reverting a fix no longer needed after DRILL-3767

DRILL-3767: SchemaPath.getCompoundPath(String...strings) reverses it's input array

this closes #155

DRILL-1942-readers: - add extends AutoCloseable to RecordReader, and rename cleanup() to close(). - fix many warnings - formatting fixes


- renamed cleanup() to close in the new JdbcRecordReader

Close apache/drill#154

Daniel's changes

remove Step 1, there is no other step

minor edit

minor edits




web UI security

web ui security updates

format bullets

remove impersonation

web ui security

fix link

obsolete stuff


fix per Daniel

web ui security update


Bridget's 1.2 window func updates

Bridget's fixes

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DRILL-3746: Get Hive partition values from MetaStore instead of from parsing the partition location path

1) Added a partition with custom location to test Hive table. Existing partition tests now work after the fix.

2) Enabled a test which was disabled previously due to a bug in interpreter code which is fixed recently.

This closes #151

DRILL-3280, DRILL-3360, DRILL-3601, DRILL-3649: Add test cases

Fix is in CALCITE-820

Close apache/drill#152

DRILL-3773: Fix Mongo FieldSelection

Mongo plugin was previously rewriting a complex (multi-level) column reference as a simple selection of the top level field.

This changeset does not change this behavior in terms of the filter sent to mongo, but it add the original selected column to the list that will be read in by the JSON reader once that data is returned from mongo.

What this means is that we will be requesting more data from mongo that necessary (as we were previously), but this will be leveraging the existing functionality in the JSON reader to grab only the sub-selection actually requested in the query. This allows for difficult schema changes to be avoided by projecting only columns without schema changes.

This also fixes and adds unit tests for FieldSelection that cause wrong results when selecting a nested column and its parent.

remove comment markers

DRILL-3580: Add test case and bump calcite version to 1.4.0-drill-r2

Fix is in CALCITE-841

DRILL-3622: When user authentication is enabled, enforce admin privileges to update SYSTEM options

+ define what user is considered an admin

+ remove a stray file in test module (exec/java-exec/src/test/java/org/apache/drill/exec/server/rest/RootResource.java)

DRILL-3467: Restrict visibily of workspaces in 'show schemas' based on access permissions of querying user.


Fixed failing tests in TestJdbcMetadata as the result depends on whether /tmp/drill_test is available on

test system or not. Change it to use the default connection test parameters (which creates a unique tmp directory)

so that the test result doesn't depend on individual machine.

DRILL-3755: In DrillSqlWorker, give UserException.validationError if ValidationException is thrown from Calcite

another BE fix

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remove comment from Querying HBase

remove extraneous punctuation

fix BE notation in table

another BE fix

minor edit

code punctuation

code spacing

Bridget's architecture edits

Daniel's changes

add new image

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fix comment


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resolve merge conflict

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hide rowkey filter pushdown

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