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DRILL-556: Implement the following aggregate functions. stddev() stddev_samp() stddev_pop() variance() var_samp() var_pop()

Implement aggregate functions (max, min, sum, avg, count) for Date, Time, TimeStamp, TimeStampTZ, Interval, IntervalDay, IntervalYear

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Make tests extend shared base class. Add additional tracking in base class around memory usage per test.

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DRILL-399: Support USE SCHEMA. Also fixes bugs found in using default schema in queries.

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Add tests for POSTFIX operators added in 097fc00b375b8a171a53e8062d03f06b350ae14e

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Move to Optiq 0.6 Also includes: -improve exception catching -move schema path parsing to Antlr -close zookeeper connection on if client created -enhance BaseTestQuery and have other query tests utilize it -Various test fixes for better memory release. still needs client allocator to be closed. -refactor DrillSqlWorker and create multiple SqlHandlers -Add PojoRecordReader and DirectPlan capabilities -Update Antlr to use same quoting rules as SQL: single quote for quoted strings, back ticks for identifiers -Move back to old Sorts until bugs are fixed -Refector SelectionVector management within Prels -Add support for NO_EXCHANGES option -Extract SchemaFactories to use Optiq's new Schema handling capabilities -Add basic handling of cancel in UserServer -Remove output requirement from Project -Add start of usercredentials to User communication

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Use Optiq parser template to generate Drill parser

a) exec/java-exec/pom.xml changes:

1. Write a plugin to move current existing codegen directory to target

(fmpp can't handle more than one directory as template input dir).

2. Change template directory path in fmpp plugin.

3. Extract CombinedParser.jj into target/codegen/templates directory.

4. Plugin to compile CombinedParser.jj using javacc.

b) Add parser.tdd to define values for freemarker variables in CombinedParser.jj template.

c) Define grammar and SqlCall types for new DDL statements.

d) Handlers to rewrite newly added SqlCall DDL statements as select queries from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

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AltSort: Replace sort with ExternalSort, Limit + sort with Limit + topN in the generated physical plan.

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Use RexLiteral.type and RexLiteral.typeName while converting from Optiq to Drill literals. Use IntExpressions for integer as opposed to DoubleExpression

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More memory fixes

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DRILL-468 Support for FileSystem partitions

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DRILL-444: Support using (NOT) LIKE and (NOT) SIMILAR TO in SQL queries

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DRILL-429: Remove extraneous casts.

Change cast from a function call to a new, separate type of expression.

Add test to confirm functionality.

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DRILL-411: Fix Optiq to Drill conversion of varchar literals.

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Fix group by, removing aggregate and segment remnants. Add new simple test queries to make sure parsing isn't broken in future. Fix binary tree so that more than 2 binary arguments are correctly translated from RexNode. Update binary function lookup to use lowercase.

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Update hive to use generated data instead of packaged data. Remove unused test.

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DRILL-450: Add exchange rules, move from BasicOptimizer to Optiq

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Implement storage plugin for INFORMATION_SCHEMA

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Start on move towards optiq for I --> p

optiq-opt1 More WIP.

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Integrate new SQL changes with Hive storage engine, moving to automatic file detection. Rename storage engine to storage plugin. Separate storage plugins from format plugins, updating Parquet and JSON to format engines. Refactor distribution logic and enable use within JSON format and all EasyFormatPlugins.

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DRILL 354: Hive storage engine - Phase 1

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DRILL-257: Move SQL parsing to server side. Switch to Avatica based JDBC driver. Update QuerySubmitter to support SQL queries. Update SqlAccesors to support getObject() Remove ref, clean up SQL packages some. Various performance fixes. Updating result set so first set of results must be returned before control is return to client to allow metadata to populate for aggressive tools like sqlline Move timeout functionality to TestTools. Update Expression materializer so that it will return a nullable int if a field is not found. Update Project record batch to support simple wildcard queries. Updates to move JSON record reader test to expecting VarCharVector.getObject to return a String rather than a byte[].

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DRILL-357: Hive Storage Engine phase 2 - hive record reader

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DRILL-316: Implement explicit casting Includes following changes:

Parse syntax to support explicit cast function in physical or logical plan.

prototype of explicit casting : parsing from plan's expr, and call generated cast code.

Prototype of explicit cast with unit test.

explicit cast: create different cast for type with fixed size vs with var size.

explicit cast : minor change in comments, varname, etc.

Drill-316 : explicit cast. change func def for cast with var size.

Drill-316: minor change in unit test case for explicit cast.

Drill-316 : modify the function def for cast functions.

DRILL-316: prototype impl of cast from/to var-length type.

Dirll-316 : add test case for explicit cast.

Drill-316: explicit cast into varchar type from int, bigint, float4, float8. unit test physical plan added.

Drill-316: change parser syntax for explicit cast. Add more test case physical plans.

DRILL-316: explict cast. Use functiom template to generate all cast functions. Currently, excplict

cast supports cast between int, bigint, float4, float8, varchar, varbinary. (total 30 combinations).

Drill-316: explict cast - add test case for nested cast functions.

Drill-316: minor change to function template for explicit cast.

DRILL-316: add junit test case for explict cast, using 7 json physical plans.

DRILL-316: explict cast. remove a test json file.

DRILL-316: explicit cast. add a json testcase.

DRILL-316: check return type for function resolution. delete two un-needed test json files.

Drill-316: code change for review comment 1 and 2.

Drill-316: address review comment 3.

Drill-316: address testcase comments.

Drill-316: Decode byte array directly into int/long, when cast varchar/varbinary into int/bigint.

Drill-316: minor change to grammer rule for cast.

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Add a unit test case using TPCH related queries.

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rebase DRILL-45 to current master

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Update prepare to exclude Optiq's ENUMERABLE_* rules. Update Limit and Sort rules to convert as required. Add test for limit + order by.

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Address comments and make limit work across batches

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DRILL-221 Add license header to all files

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DRILL-165: Reorganize directories (moves only)

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Adding limit operator and sql rules

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