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DRILL-316: Implement explicit casting Includes following changes:

Parse syntax to support explicit cast function in physical or logical plan.

prototype of explicit casting : parsing from plan's expr, and call generated cast code.

Prototype of explicit cast with unit test.

explicit cast: create different cast for type with fixed size vs with var size.

explicit cast : minor change in comments, varname, etc.

Drill-316 : explicit cast. change func def for cast with var size.

Drill-316: minor change in unit test case for explicit cast.

Drill-316 : modify the function def for cast functions.

DRILL-316: prototype impl of cast from/to var-length type.

Dirll-316 : add test case for explicit cast.

Drill-316: explicit cast into varchar type from int, bigint, float4, float8. unit test physical plan added.

Drill-316: change parser syntax for explicit cast. Add more test case physical plans.

DRILL-316: explict cast. Use functiom template to generate all cast functions. Currently, excplict

cast supports cast between int, bigint, float4, float8, varchar, varbinary. (total 30 combinations).

Drill-316: explict cast - add test case for nested cast functions.

Drill-316: minor change to function template for explicit cast.

DRILL-316: add junit test case for explict cast, using 7 json physical plans.

DRILL-316: explict cast. remove a test json file.

DRILL-316: explicit cast. add a json testcase.

DRILL-316: check return type for function resolution. delete two un-needed test json files.

Drill-316: code change for review comment 1 and 2.

Drill-316: address review comment 3.

Drill-316: address testcase comments.

Drill-316: Decode byte array directly into int/long, when cast varchar/varbinary into int/bigint.

Drill-316: minor change to grammer rule for cast.

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Add a unit test case using TPCH related queries.

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rebase DRILL-45 to current master

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Update prepare to exclude Optiq's ENUMERABLE_* rules. Update Limit and Sort rules to convert as required. Add test for limit + order by.

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Address comments and make limit work across batches

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DRILL-221 Add license header to all files

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DRILL-165: Reorganize directories (moves only)

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Adding limit operator and sql rules

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