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DRILL-6656: Disallow extra semicolons and multiple statements on the same line.

closes #1415

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DRILL-6386: Remove unused imports and star imports.

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-5241: JDBC proxy driver: Do not put null value in map

This closes #724

DRILL-3778: Add missed part of DRILL-3160 (making JDBC Javadoc available).

This closes #158


Configured Javadoc generation (title, package groups, version in headers).

Added link to JDBC page in Drill documentation site.

Edited/fixed some JDBC Javadoc comments.

Added explicit SQLConversionOverflowException to throws clauses for Javadoc


Added some imports for Javadoc references.


Fixed a couple Javadoc syntax errors.

Fixed POM indentation.

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DRILL-3661: Edit JDBC doc. for clarity, more consistency, bug fixes.

Also fixed two serialVersionUID literals.

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DRILL-3347: VARCHAR ResultSet.getObject returned, not String.

this closes #144

Core fix:

- Fixed {,Nullable}VarCharAccessor's getObject() to return String instead of

value vector's internal

- Updated unit tests (to expect only String now).

[DatabaseMetaDataGetColumnsTest, ResultSetMetaDataTest]

Also Added getObject check in tracing proxy test. [TracingProxyDriverTest]

Changed hard references to Hadoop's Text and JodaTime's Period to strings in

warning check in tracing proxy. [InvocationReporterImpl]


- Added @Override annotations. [SqlAccessors]

- (Unintentionally) fixed (undetected) missing comma. [ValueVectorTypes.tdd]

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DRILL-2343: Add tracing proxy JDBC driver for tracing JDBC method calls.

Overview of org.apache.drill.jdbc.proxy classes/interfaces:

Entry point:

- TracingProxyDriver - Tracing proxy JDBC driver class. Class description

Javadoc has usage instructions.

Other core types:

- ProxiesManager - creates and tracks java.lang.reflect.Proxy-based proxy


- TracingInvocationHandler - java.lang.reflect.Proxy invocation handler; maps

reflective/proxy invocations to InvocationReporter method call/return/throw

event calls

- InvocationReporter - defines method call/return/throw event calls

- InvocationReporterImpl - implements rendering of method call/return/throw

event calls (including rendering of parameter/return/exception values)

- ProxySetupSQLException

Unit tests:

- TracingProxyDriverClassLoadingTest - test of loading proxied driver class

- TracingProxyDriverTest - basic test of proxying (pass-through) and tracing



- exec/jdbc-all/pom.xml - has change to keep TracingProxyDriver and depended-on

classes in JDBC-all Jar file.

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