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DRILL-5660: Parquet metadata caching improvements

1. Bumped up metadata file version to v3_1.

2. Introduced MetadataVersion comparable class.

3. Added support to ignore unknown metadata version (for example, metadata generated from future versions of drill).

4. Added support to ignore corrupted or missing metadata files.

5. Removed "%20" symbols from path if present.

closes #877

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DRILL-4264: Allow field names to include dots

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DRILL-3867: Metadata Caching : Moving a directory which contains a cache file causes subsequent queries to fail - change absolute to relative path in the parquet metadata cache files; - add converting of the relative paths in the metadata to absolute ones. - test case when table is moved to other place after creating meta cache files.

Changes according to the review

Minor changes according to the review

close apache/drill#824

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