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DRILL-7502: Invalid codegen for typeof() with UNION

Also fixes DRILL-6362: typeof() reports NULL for primitive

columns with a NULL value.

typeof() is meant to return "NULL" if a UNION has a NULL

value, but the column type when known, such as for non-UNION


Also fixes DRILL-7499: sqltypeof() function with an array returns

"ARRAY", not type. This was due to treating REPEATED like LIST.

Handling of the Union vector in code gen is problematic

with about three special cases. Existing code handled two

of the cases. This change handles the third case.

Figuring out the change required poking around quite a bit

of unclear code. Added comments and restructuring to make

that code a bit more clear.

The fix modified code gen for the Union Holder. It can now

"go back in time" to add the union reader at the point we

need it.

closes #1945

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DRILL-7326: Support repeated lists for CTAS parquet format

closes #1844

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DRILL-6318: Push down limit past flatten is incorrect

closes #1204

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DRILL-4927 (part 2): Add support for Null Equality Joins (mixed comparators)

This changes are a subset of the original pull request from DRILL-4539 (PR-462).

- Added changes to support mixed comparators;

- Added tests for it.

closes #635

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DRILL-4653: Malformed JSON should not stop the entire query from progressing

This closes #518

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DRILL-3232: Promotable writer

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DRILL-3229: Implement Union type vector

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DRILL-3476: Merge paths in FieldSelection



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DRILL-3353: Fix dropping nested fields

Use the SchemaChangeCallBack in more places to track schema changes

Reset the ephemeral transfer pair when making a new transfer pair for Map or RepeatedMap

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DRILL-3318: Bump calcite version to 1.1.0-drill-r9 Added unit test

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DRILL-2823: Use implicit casts for comparisons of expression in the join condition

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DRILL-1832: Add unit tests for Json file with null values

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DRILL-2350: Improve exception handling and error messages in JSON reader.

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DRILL-2099: Fix flatten after sort

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DRILL-2309: Fix reduce aggregate rule to create new aggregate calls based on input row type

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DRILL-1062: Implemented null ordering (NULLS FIRST/NULLS LAST).


- Split "compare_to" function templates (for sorting) into

"compare_to_nulls_high" and "compare_to_nulls_low" versions.

- Added tests to verify ORDER BY ordering.

- Added tests to verify merge join order correctness.

- Implemented java.sql.DatabaseMetaData.nullsAreSortedHigh(), etc.


- Eliminated template (merged into other).

- Renamed comparison-related template data objects and file names.

- Eliminated unused template macros, function template classes.

- Overhauled Order.Ordering; added unit test.

- Regularized some generated-class names.


- Added toString() to ExpressionPosition, Order.Ordering, JoinStatus.

- Fixed some typos.

- Fixed some comment syntax.

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DRILL-1460: Implement "read_numbers_as_double" option for JSON reader











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DRILL-1953: alter session set store.json.all_text_mode does not work as documented

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DRILL-2066: Clear target vectors before performing transfer()

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DRILL-1887: Add code-gen for explicitly comparing null values for hash table keys and make corresponding change for hash aggregation and hash join.

Add test cases for joins and aggregations on nullable columns.

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DRILL-1748: Fix SplitUpComplexExpressions rule when using Item operator

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DRILL-1741: kvgen support for complex values (maps/ lists)

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DRILL-1634: Fix issue in complex type expression type resolution, when Drill queries a nested array.

code clean up.

add comment of code change.

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DRILL-1544 : Support escape character in "like" or "similar to" SQL operator.



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DRILL-1534: Implement Mappify UDF to transform map into a repeated map with key, value pairs

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DRILL-1333: Flatten operator for allowing more complex queryies against repeated data.

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DRILL-1402: Add check-style rules for trailing space, TABs and blocks without braces

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DRILL-927: Run-time code generation support for reading Complex Type.

Fix in RepeatedMapVector.

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Add support for RepeatedMapVector, MapVector and RepeatedListVector.

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DRILL-364: Fix VarChar casting

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