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DRILL-5832: Change OperatorFixture to use system option manager

- Rename FixtureBuilder to ClusterFixtureBuilder

- Provide alternative way to reset system/session options

- Fix for DRILL-5833: random failure in TestParquetWriter

- Provide strict, but clear, errors for missing options

closes #970

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DRILL-5657: Size-aware vector writer structure

- Vector and accessor layer

- Row Set layer

- Tuple and column models

- Revised write-time metadata

- "Result set loader" layer

this closes #914

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DRILL-5504: Add vector validator to diagnose offset vector issues

Validates offset vectors in VarChar and repeated vectors. Validates the

special case of repeated VarChar vectors (two layers of offsets.)

Provides two new session variables to turn on validation. One enables

the existing operator (iterator) validation, the other adds vector

validation. This allows validation to occur in a “production” Drill

(without restarting Drill with assertions, as previously required.)

Unit tests validate the validator. Another test validates the

integration, but requires manual steps, so is ignored by default.

This version is first-cut: all work is done within a single class.

Allows back-porting to an earlier version to solve a specific issues. A

revision should move some of the work into generated code (or refactor

vectors to allow outside access), since offset vectors appear for each

subclass; not on a base class that would allow generic operations.

* Added boot-time options to allow enabling vector validation in Maven

unit tests.

* Code cleanup per suggestions.

* Additional (manual) tests for boot-time options and default options.

closes #832

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