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DRILL-7337: Add vararg UDFs support

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DRILL-7096: Develop vector for canonical Map<K,V>

- Added new type DICT;

- Created value vectors for the type for single and repeated modes;

- Implemented corresponding FieldReaders and FieldWriters;

- Made changes in EvaluationVisitor to be able to read values from the map by key;

- Made changes to DrillParquetGroupConverter to be able to read Parquet's MAP type;

- Added an option `store.parquet.reader.enable_map_support` to disable reading MAP type as DICT from Parquet files;

- Updated AvroRecordReader to use new DICT type for Avro's MAP;

- Added support of the new type to ParquetRecordWriter.

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DRILL-6524: Prevent incorrect scalar replacement for the case of assigning references inside if block

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DRILL-6870: Upgrade to ANTLR4

closes #1554

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DRILL-6763: Codegen optimization of SQL functions with constant values(#1481)

closes #1481

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DRILL-6422: Replace guava imports with shaded ones

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DRILL-6601 LageFileCompilation testProject times out

closes #1378

DRILL-6529 Project Batch Sizing causes two LargeFileCompilation tests to timeout

closes #1335

Changed Project test columns to 10000 and reduces columns projected to SORT tests to 2500

DRILL-6438: Remove excess logging form the tests. - Removed usages of System.out and System.err from the test and replaced with loggers

closes #1284

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-6340 Output Batch Control in Project using the RecordBatchSizer

Changes required to implement Output Batch Sizing in Project using the RecordBatchSizer.

closes #1302

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DRILL-6027: - Added memory claculator - Added unit tests and docs. - Fixed IOB caused by output vector allocation. - Don't double count records that were spilled in HashJoin

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DRILL-6106: Use valueOf method instead of constructor since valueOf has a higher performance by caching frequently requested values.

closes #1099

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DRILL-6049: Misc. hygiene and code cleanup changes

close apache/drill#1085

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DRILL-5989: Categories some tests to speed up smoke tests. Made travis run tests.

closes #1053

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DRILL-5783, DRILL-5841, DRILL-5894: Rationalize test temp directories

This change includes:


- A unit test is created for the priority queue in the TopN operator.

- The code generation classes passed around a completely unused function registry reference in some places so it is removed.

- The priority queue had unused parameters for some of its methods so it is removed.


- Created standardized temp directory classes DirTestWatcher, SubDirTestWatcher, and BaseDirTestWatcher. And updated all unit tests to use them.


- Removed the dfs_test storage plugin for tests and replaced it with the already existing dfs storage plugin.


- General code cleanup.

- Removed unnecessary use of String.format in the tests.

This closes #984

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DRILL-5723: Added System Internal Options That can be Modified at Runtime Changes include:

1. Addition of internal options.

2. Refactoring of OptionManagers and OptionValidators.

3. Fixed ambiguity in the meaning of an option type, and changed its name to accessibleScopes.

4. Updated javadocs in the Option System classes.

5. Added RestClientFixture for testing the Rest API.

6. Fixed flakey test in TestExceptionInjection caused by race condition.

7. Fixed various tests which started zookeeper but failed to shut it down at the end of tests.

8. Added port hunting to the Drill Webserver for testing

9. Fixed various flaky tests

10. Fix compile issue

closes #923

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DRILL-5547: Linking config options with system option manager

closes #868

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DRILL-5140: Fix CompileException in run-time generated code when record batch has large number of fields.

- Changed estimation of max index value and added comments.

close #818

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DRILL-5164: Equi-join query results in CompileException when inputs have large number of columns.

close apache/drill#711

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DRILL-5116: Enable generated code debugging in each Drill operator

DRILL-5052 added the ability to debug generated code. The reviewer suggested

permitting the technique to be used for all Drill operators. This PR provides

the required fixes. Most were small changes, others dealt with the rather

clever way that the existing byte-code merge converted static nested classes

to non-static inner classes, with the way that constructors were inserted

at the byte-code level and so on. See the JIRA for the details.

This code passed the unit tests twice: once with the traditional byte-code

manipulations, a second time using "plain-old Java" code compilation.

Plain-old Java is turned off by default, but can be turned on for all

operators with a single config change: see the JIRA for info. Consider

the plain-old Java option to be experimental: very handy for debugging,

perhaps not quite tested enough for production use.

close apache/drill#716

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DRILL-5117: Compile error when query a json file with 1000+columns

close apache/drill#686

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DRILL-5052: Option to debug generated Java code using an IDE

Provides a second compilation path for generated code: “plan old Java”

in which generated code inherit from their templates. Such code can be

compiled directly, allowing easy debugging of generated code.

Also show to generate two classes in the External Sort Batch as “plain

old Java” to enable IDE debugging of that generated code. Required

minor clean-up of the templates.

Fixes some broken toString( ) methods in code generation classes

Fixes a variety of small compilation warnings

Adds Java doc to a few classes

Includes clean-up from code review comments.

close apache/drill#660

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DRILL-4715: Fix java compilation error in run-time generated code when query has large number of expressions.

Refactor unit test in drillbit context initialization and pass in option manager.

close apache/drill#521

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DRILL-4275: create TransientStore for short-lived objects; refactor PersistentStore to introduce pagination mechanism

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DRILL-3987: (CLEANUP) Final cleanups to get complete working build/distribution

- small cleanups

- move Hook to drill-adbc

- update distribution assembly to include new modules

This closes #250

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DRILL-3742: Classpath scanning and build improvement

Makes the classpath scanning a build time class discovery

Makes the fmpp generation incremental

Removes some slowness in DrillBit closing

Reduces the build time by 30%

This closes #148

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    • +38
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DRILL-2923: Ensure all unit tests pass without assertions enabled Modified a number of tests not to use assert, but to instead use one of junit's assertTrue(), assertFalse(), or some other form. Modified test support code that used asserts to throw IllegalStateExceptions instead.

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DRILL-2383: Support to inject exceptions and pauses in various components of Drill + Controls are fired only if assertions are enabled + Controls can be introduced in any class that has access to FragmentContext/QueryContext + Controls can be fired by altering the DRILLBIT_CONTROL_INJECTIONS session option + Renames: SimulatedExceptions => ExecutionControls, ExceptionInjector => ExecutionControlsInjector + Added injection sites in Foreman, DrillSqlWorker, FragmentExecutor + Unit tests in TestDrillbitResilience, TestExceptionInjection and TestPauseInjection

Other commits included:

+ DRILL-2437: Moved ExecutionControls from DrillbitContext to FragmentContext/QueryContext

+ DRILL-2382: Added address and port to Injection to specify drillbit

+ DRILL-2384: Added QueryState to SingleRowListener and assert that state is COMPLETED while testing

Other edits:

+ Support for short lived session options in SessionOptionManager (using TTL in OptionValidator)

+ Introduced query count in UserSession

+ Added QueryState to queryCompleted() in UserResultsListener to check if COMPLETED/CANCELED

+ Added JSONStringValidator to TypeValidators

+ Log query id as string in DrillClient, WorkEventBus, QueryResultHandler

+ Use try..catch block only around else clause for OptionList in FragmentContext

+ Fixed drillbitContext spelling error in QueryContext

+ Fixed state transition when cancel() before run() in FragmentExecutor

+ Do not call setLocalOption twice in FallbackOptionManager

+ Show explicitly that submitWork() returns queryId in UserServer

+ Updated protocol/readme.txt to include an alternative way to generate sources

  1. … 45 more files in changeset.
DRILL-2733: Make dfs_test.tmp schema location on local fs exclusive to test JVM fork.

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