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DRILL-7351: Added tokens to Web forms to prevent CSRF attacks

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DRILL-7204: Add proper validation when creating plugin

- Added validation for an empty plugin name.

- Added an URL encoding for pluing name, so plugins with special characters can be accessed without issues.

- Replaced alerts with modal windows.

- Added a confirmation dialog when disabling a plugin on Update page.

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DRILL-6819: Remove invisible back link in Drill WebUI

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DRILL-6562: Plugin Management improvements

- allow export plugin configs to json or hocon file formt

- allow export plugins configs for all/enabled/disabled groups

- add modals for export plugins and create new plugin

- storage UI improvements,responsive Storage page

- StorageResources refactoring. Remove redundant deletePlugin() DELETE request

- fix broken message for deletePlugin

closes #1692

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-5868: Support SQL syntax highlighting of queries

Based on the commit for DRILL-5981 (PR #1043), this commit further leverages the Ace JavaScript library with customizations specific to Drill.

This commit introduces the following to the Query Editor (including the Edit Query tab within an existing profile to rerunning the query).

1. Syntax highlighting (This is supported for submitted query profiles

2. Autocomplete supported in editors

3. Specifying Drill specific keywords and functions in visible autocomplete

4. Key snippets (template SQLs) allowing for rapid writing of syntax:

i. Query System Tables

ii. CView, CTAS and CTempTAS

iii. Alter Session

iv. Explain and Select * queries

NOTE: The lists for #3 and #4 are not exhaustive. As more features are added to Drill, these lists can be expanded.

Updates based on review comments

1. Disabled warning message

2. Extended reserved keyword list

3. Fixed bugs


Update 1: Bug fix for when Impersonation is enabled

Update 2: Remove the duplicate editor that might get injected

Update 3: Removed trailing whitespaces in Javascripts

close apache/drill#1084

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DRILL-5981: Add syntax highlighting and error checking to plugin configuration page.

closes #1043

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DRILL-4580: Support for exporting storage plugin configurations

closes #1350

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DRILL-2653: Improve web UI experience when there is an error in a storage plugin configuration

Fixed success message, made the error messages red

This closes #343

DRILL-1591, DRILL-1676: Move javascript resources to local serving and update dagre-d3 to older version (2.9). Update profile page. Remove references to invalid servlet api.

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DRILL-1112: UI changes to storage plugins only take effect after a drillbit restart.

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DRILL-77: REST API implemented using jersey and jackson + graph viz.

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DRILL-995: Removed inner form (which is not allowed). Fixed NPE and URLs.

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DRILL-964: Allow enabling/disabling storage plugin instance from UI

+ Creating a client per request (to avoid issues with multiple connections).

+ Correcting the links.

+ Searchable result table.

+ Minor UI tweaks.

Squashed commits:




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Enable editing of storage plugin via http

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Add Web UIs using templates.

* Added GUI to storage.

* Query submission and sorted results.

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