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DRILL-7036: Improve UI for alert and error messages closes #1644 This PR standardizes error and alert messages to a cleaner interface by leveraging Bootstraps UX elements for publishing the messages in a presentable format. Exceptions reported back to the browser and rendered in a neat tabular format (using Panels) All errors can be redirected to errorMessage.ftl which will render it in a neat format. Alerts are replaced with modals. Interactions (pages) affected by Alert modals 1. Missing Query submission 2. profile Query Rerun 3. invalid Profile Listing Fetch 4. invalid Option Value for update 5. Missing username/password submission

The errorMessage.ftl has been moved to root dir, and unused `error.ftl` was removed

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DRILL-6942: Provide ability to sort list of profiles on Drill Web UI

This provides an option to order the list of query profiles based on any of the displayed fields, including total duration. This way, a user can easily identify long running queries.

In addition, the number of profiles listed per page for both, completed and running list of queries, has been made configurable with the parameter: `drill.exec.http.profiles_per_page` (default is 10,25,50,100)

closes #1594

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DRILL-2035: Add ability to cancel multiple queries

Currently Drill UI allows canceling one query at a time.

This commit (on lines of DRILL-5571 / PR #1531) allows for cancelling multiple `running` queries.

DRILL-6819: Remove invisible back link in Drill WebUI

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DRILL-6583: Add space between pagination links in Profiles (WebUI) list

Inject a small space to improve readability of the pagination links (CSS)

closes #1369

DRILL-6443: Enable Search for both running AND completed queries

When running a query in Drill, the `/profiles` page will show the search (and pagination) capabilities only for the top most visible table (i.e. Running Queries ).

The Completed Queries table will show the search feature only when there are no running queries. This is because the backend uses a generalized freemarker macro to define the seach capabilities for the tables being rendered. With running queries, both, running and completed queries tables have the same element ID, resulting in the search capability only being applied to the first table.

This modifies the Freemarker macro to take an additional argument for distinguishing between Running and Completed Queries table.

DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-5867: List profiles in pages rather than a long verbose listing

Leverage existing DataTables libraries to paginate a long pre-fetched list of profiles for listing.

Added benefit of querying through that list (search field) is also available for a user

Minor change made to the display text for prefetching of profiles (DRILL-5259) so that it is not confused with what this commit adds to the UI.

This closes #1029

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DRILL-5259: Allow listing a user-defined number of profiles

Added an additional field in the UI allowing a user to specify the max number of profiles to load via Refresh

closes #963

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DRILL-5766: Fix XSS vulnerabilities in Drill

1. Bumped up freemarker version to 2.3.26-incubating.

2. Indicated default output format in Freemarker configuration (HTML).

3. Fixed Web UI bugs listed in DRILL-5346, DRILL-5341, DRILL-5339, DRILL-5338.

closes #935

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DRILL-5172: Display elapsed time for queries in the UI

Displays the elapsed time for running queries and the total duration of completed/failed/cancelled queries in the list of query profiles displayed, and within a query's profile page as well.

The query runtime is displayed in '[hr] [min] sec'.

e.g. A duration of 25,254,321ms is displayed 7 hr 00 min 54.321 sec

This closes #721

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DRILL-2593: 500 error when crc for a query profile is out of sync

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DRILL-2593: 500 error when crc for a query profile is out of sync

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DRILL-2981: Add queries log. Update profile to store normal and verbose exception as well as node and errorid.

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DRILL-1591, DRILL-1676: Move javascript resources to local serving and update dagre-d3 to older version (2.9). Update profile page. Remove references to invalid servlet api.

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DRILL-1339: Use EStore to track running query status.

Move common code to ZkAbstractStore.

Get full profile from foreman directly.

code cleanup.

code change based on review comments.

ZK store check node exists before delete. Add error message in case of error.

Use a different profile for running queries, so that running query would have different ZK node from completed queries.

More log. Do not delete query state in EStore. In stead, modify the state in EStore.

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DRILL-1414: Move profile storage to DFS rather than using PStore

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DRILL-77: REST API implemented using jersey and jackson + graph viz.

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DRILL-964: Allow enabling/disabling storage plugin instance from UI

+ Creating a client per request (to avoid issues with multiple connections).

+ Correcting the links.

+ Searchable result table.

+ Minor UI tweaks.

Squashed commits:




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Split UI endpoints into multiple resources.

+ Corrected the allocator object and injecting the client.

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web cleanup, enable multiphase and increase broadcast threshold

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