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DRILL-7351: Added tokens to Web forms to prevent CSRF attacks

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DRILL-7036: Improve UI for alert and error messages closes #1644 This PR standardizes error and alert messages to a cleaner interface by leveraging Bootstraps UX elements for publishing the messages in a presentable format. Exceptions reported back to the browser and rendered in a neat tabular format (using Panels) All errors can be redirected to errorMessage.ftl which will render it in a neat format. Alerts are replaced with modals. Interactions (pages) affected by Alert modals 1. Missing Query submission 2. profile Query Rerun 3. invalid Profile Listing Fetch 4. invalid Option Value for update 5. Missing username/password submission

The errorMessage.ftl has been moved to root dir, and unused `error.ftl` was removed

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DRILL-6942: Provide ability to sort list of profiles on Drill Web UI

This provides an option to order the list of query profiles based on any of the displayed fields, including total duration. This way, a user can easily identify long running queries.

In addition, the number of profiles listed per page for both, completed and running list of queries, has been made configurable with the parameter: `drill.exec.http.profiles_per_page` (default is 10,25,50,100)

closes #1594

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DRILL-6921: Add Clear button for /options filter

This commit adds the following search enhancements:

1. Addition of a clear ('x') button in the search field

2. If a filter term has been entered in the search box, on clicking the Update or Reset-to-Default button of any option, the reloaded page will re-apply the last entered filter term in the search box.

3. If the search box is empty, on clicking the Update or Reset-to-Default button of any option, the reloaded page will automatically filter out everything except the updated/reset option to show the changed value.

4. Customization of the quick search terms. (using defaults in drill-module.conf)

closes #1588

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DRILL-6883: Force reload of options after resetting parameter

If an update is initiated, the webpage loaded changes. Attempting a reset tries to reload this page, but it does not show the updated values from the back end.

This patch forces the reload of updated values by redirecting to /options page

Use AJAX call for Update and Reset

Eliminates the need for window.location=<redirectURL>

is Number check

Added comments to explain extraction

close apache/drill#1563

DRILL-6668: In Web UI, highlight options that are not default values

This commit introduces a new button on the options page that allows a user to reset an option to its system default value.

To simplify things, a tooltip is shown when the mouse hovers over the button. If the option value is already default, the button is disabled.

Currently, the Update button redirects to /option/optionName . This change reuses what we already are using to set the default (using AJAX) and auto-refreshing

Switch [Default] label to [Reset]

Patch To Pass StatusResourcesTest

closes #1543

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DRILL-6819: Remove invisible back link in Drill WebUI

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DRILL-5735: UI options grouping and filtering & Metrics hints Allow search/sort in the Options webUI Additional details, like the description is provided as well in a JScript lookup map. This helps reduce the need for the server to constantly recreate the entire page with the description details, as the client browser can fill in these details. Developers will be expected to update the description as old/new options are introduced or deprecated. System table options_val also carries the description, albeit a 'shorter' version.

closes #1279

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DRILL-6562: Plugin Management improvements

- allow export plugin configs to json or hocon file formt

- allow export plugins configs for all/enabled/disabled groups

- add modals for export plugins and create new plugin

- storage UI improvements,responsive Storage page

- StorageResources refactoring. Remove redundant deletePlugin() DELETE request

- fix broken message for deletePlugin

closes #1692

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-5766: Fix XSS vulnerabilities in Drill

1. Bumped up freemarker version to 2.3.26-incubating.

2. Indicated default output format in Freemarker configuration (HTML).

3. Fixed Web UI bugs listed in DRILL-5346, DRILL-5341, DRILL-5339, DRILL-5338.

closes #935

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DRILL-3102: The doc link on Drill Web UI points to the old wiki page

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DRILL-1163: Estimate memory and re-planning query + system options UI.

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