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- Formatting

- @Overrides

- finals

- some AutoCloseable additions

- new isCancelled() abstract method on FragmentManager, implemented on subclasses

Added missing new abstract method isCancelled()

Close apache/drill#120

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DRILL-1942-templates: template changes with a few related dependencies. This closes #108

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DRILL-3353: Fix dropping nested fields

Use the SchemaChangeCallBack in more places to track schema changes

Reset the ephemeral transfer pair when making a new transfer pair for Map or RepeatedMap

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DRILL-2292: CTAS broken when we have repeated maps

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DRILL-2375: implement reader reset mechanism and reset reader before accessing it during projection

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DRILL-2695: Add Support for large in conditions through the use of the Values operator. Update JSON reader to support reading Extended JSON. Update JSON writer to support writing extended JSON data. Update JSON reader to automatically unwrap a file that includes a single top-level array (used by values). Update Options manager to use getOption(<Type>Validator) to directly retrieve typed value. Remove JSON rewinding Add support for CONVERT_TO( [], 'SIMPLEJSON') to disable extended types as part of udf use.

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DRILL-2118: inform user with a user friendly error message if kvgen fails due to heterogenous types

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DRILL-2280: Refactor ValueVector interface & add an abstract ValueVector implementation

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DRILL-1960: Automatic reallocation

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DRILL-1885: fix a problem regarding ordinal to vector mapping that report incorrect result or fails a query & refactor code, eliminiate redundancy support case insensitive vector lookup yet case sensitive result reporting rely on fields in the order that they show up in the schema while copying vectors

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DRILL-1814: Check if writer state is OK before performing copy in copyAsValue() and copyAsField()

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DRILL-1764: return max value capacity if vector has no children

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DRILL-1547: enforce writers to explicitly check for buffer bounds to avoid IndexOutOfBounds errors; make writer hierarchy to stop immediately in case of a write error

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DRILL-1333: Flatten operator for allowing more complex queryies against repeated data.

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DRILL-1402: Add check-style rules for trailing space, TABs and blocks without braces

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DRILL-634: Cleanup/organize Java imports and trailing whitespaces from Drill code

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DRILL-1324: Add mechanism to detect schema changes when adding a new primitive vector in a Map, RepeatedMap, RepeatedList vector

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DRILL-1283: JSON project pushdown.

Allows for users to avoid reading columns of a JSON file, including those that include elements of JSON that drill does not currently support. This can be used to query a subset of an existing file while avoiding elements like schema changes in some columns or nulls in lists that are currently not compatible with Drill.

Patch was revised based on Hanifi's review comments, and then rebased off of the merge branch.

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DRILL-1252: Implement Complex parquet and json writers

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DRILL-968: Use checkstyle plugin to prevent inadvertent use of shaded Guava classes

+ Disallow non-static '*' imports in handwritten code.

+ Updated the current code to be in compliance.

+ Run 'rat' plugin in 'validate' phase.

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DRILL-935: Run-time code generation support for function which decodes string/varbinary into complex JSON object.

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DRILL-927: Run-time code generation support for reading Complex Type.

Fix in RepeatedMapVector.

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Remove references to hive12 Guava.

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DRILL-1058: Read complex types in parquet

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Add support for RepeatedMapVector, MapVector and RepeatedListVector.

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