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DRILL-6386: Remove unused imports and star imports.

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DRILL-6389: Fixed building javadocs - Added documentation about how to build javadocs - Fixed some of the javadoc warnings

closes #1276

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-6049: Misc. hygiene and code cleanup changes

close apache/drill#1085

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DRILL-4128: Fix NPE when calling getString on a JDBC ResultSet when the type is not varchar

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DRILL-4128: Fix NPE when calling getString on a JDBC ResultSet when the type is not varchar

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DRILL-3229: Miscellaneous Union-type fixes

closes #207

closes #180

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DRILL-3229: Implement Union type vector

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DRILL-3199 Implemented GenericAccessor.isNull(), added unit tests

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DRILL-3151: Fix many ResultSetMetaData method return values.

Added ~unit test for ResultSetMetaData implementation.

Made getObject return classes available to implementation of getColumnClassName:

- Added SqlAccessor.getObjectClass() (to put that metadata right next to code

to which it corresponds rather than in far-away parallel code).

- Added similar AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor.getObjectClass().

- Changed DrillAccessorList.accessors from Accessor[] to

AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor[] for better access to JDBC getObject return class.

- Extracted return classes from accessors to pass to updateColumnMetaData.

Reworked some data type mapping and utilities:

- Added Added Types.getSqlTypeName(...).

- Renamed Types.getJdbcType(...) to getJdbcTypeCode(...)

- Replaced Types.isUnSigned with isJdbcSignedType.

- Fixed various bogus RPC-type XXX -> java.sql.Types.SMALLINT mappings.

- Removed DrillColumnMetaDataList.getJdbcTypeName.

- Moved getAvaticaType up (for bottom-up order).

- Revised DrillColumnMetaDataList.getAvaticaType(...).


- Updated updateColumnMetaData(...) to change many calculations of metadata

input to ColumnMetaData construction. [DrillColumnMetaDataList]

Updated other metadata tests per changes.

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DRILL-2403: Print leading zeroes in TimePrintMillis

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DRILL-2613: 1-Hygiene/prep.: Split DrillResultSet impl. vs. intf.; renaming.

Code "hygiene":

- Renamed parameter index to rowOffset, and documented it, in SqlAccessor.

- Renamed index to rowOffset in AbstractSqlAccessor and BoundCheckingAccessor too.

- Fixed a cast to DrillResultSet to be a ResultSet.unwrap(...) call.

Preparation: Split DrillResultSet into interface vs. implementation:

- Moved old implementation class org.apache.drill.jdbc.DrillResultSet

to new implementation class org.apache.drill.jdbc.impl.DrillResultSetImpl.

- Created new interface org.apache.drill.jdbc.DrillResultSet,

declaring method getQueryId(...).

- Relatedly, in nearby JDBC code:

- Renamed various references.

- Added some "public" qualifiers. Most are only for the interim until

DRILL-2089 (moving other implementation classes from org.apache.drill.jdbc

to org.apache.drill.jdbc.impl) is completed sufficiently. (See marking

with "DRILL-2089".)n

- (Files: old DrillResultSet, DrillResultSetImpl, new DrillResultSet;

DrillConnectionImpl, DrillCursor, DrillJdbc41Factory, MetaImpl;


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DRILL-2613: 2-Core: Impl. ResultSet.getXxx(...) number-to-number data conversions.

- Created tests:

- integration-level unit test ResultSetGetMethodConversionsTest

- unit-level unit test TypeConvertingAccessorSqlTest

- Created number-converting TypeConvertingSqlAccessor.

- Created conversion exceptions (SQLConversionException, SQLConversionOverflowException).

- Adjusted things:

- Moved InvalidAccessException out into its own file, refined ancestry.

- Moved getType() up to SqlAccessor (for access by TypeConvertingSqlAccessor).

- Made AbstractSqlAccessor public (for use by TypeConvertingSqlAccessor).

- Documented supported ResultSet.getXxx(...) conversions (on new interface


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DRILL-2463: Implement JDBC mapping of SQL NULL for ResultSet.getXxx() methods.

- Added test Drill2463GetNullsFailedWithAssertionsBugTest.

- Implemented JDBC mapping of NULL for ResultSet.getXxx() methods:

- Fixed was-always-false isNull(...) for Nullable... SqlAccessor

implementations in SqlAccessors template.

- Handled NULL mapping for primitive types in AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor.

- Handled NULL mapping for object types in Nullable... SqlAccessor

implementations in SqlAccessors template.

- Related miscellaneous changes:

- Added "rename this" TODO. [config.fmpp]

- Added documentation. [SqlAccessor]

- Edited comment. [BoundCheckingAccessor]

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DRILL-1605: ensure GenericAccessor returns null for non-existent records

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DRILL-1735: Have closing of JDBC connection free embedded-server resources.

Hooked up closing of JDBC connection to shut down embedded Drillbit, and then

fixed chain of bugs exposed by that:

1. Added test org.apache.drill.jdbc.test.Bug1735ConnectionCloseTest.

2. Hooked up connection handler in Driver to actually close JDBC connection.

3. Released a QueryResultsBatch in DrillCursor.

4. Reset DrillMetrics in BootStrapContext.close() (so stopping local DrillBit

and starting new DrillBit doesn't yield "duplicate metric" error.)

5. Checked cursor/row state before trying to retrieve value in DrillResultSet's

column accessor methods.

- Added org.apache.drill.jdbc.JdbcApiSqlException (for JDBC-level errors).

- Added org.apache.drill.jdbc.InvalidCursorStateSqlException.

[SqlAccessor, AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor, DrillConnectionImpl, DrillCursor,

DrillResultSet, InvalidCursorStateSqlException, JdbcApiSqlException,


6. Released vectors in DrillResultSet.cleanup().

Added org.apache.drill.jdbc.test.Bug1735ResultSetCloseReleasesBuffersTest.

7. Delayed last-chunk batch until COMPLETED batch in QueryResultHandler.

8. Added nextUntilEnd(...) workarounds for fragment cancelation race condition

to TestView and other JDBC module/subproject tests.

9. Tracked open statements in orer to close at connection close (DrillStatementRegistry, etc.)

10. Commented out nextUntilEnd(...) workarounds for fragment cancelation race


11 Miscellaneous:

- Added some toString() methods

- Adjusted some logging (e.g., "// log.debug(...)" -> "log.trace(...)".

- Cleaned up a bit. [DrillCursor, DrillResultSet, QueryResultHandler]

- Added a few documentation comments.

- Added various TODO comments.

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DRILL-634: Cleanup/organize Java imports and trailing whitespaces from Drill code

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DRILL-1247: Override toString() method in Time (java.sql.Time) class to print millis

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DRILL-585: Switch getObject in SQL accessors to return java.sql.* types.

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Add support for RepeatedMapVector, MapVector and RepeatedListVector.

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DRILL-458: Use GenericAccessor for accessing RepeatedTypes in jdbc

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DRILL-257: Move SQL parsing to server side. Switch to Avatica based JDBC driver. Update QuerySubmitter to support SQL queries. Update SqlAccesors to support getObject() Remove ref, clean up SQL packages some. Various performance fixes. Updating result set so first set of results must be returned before control is return to client to allow metadata to populate for aggressive tools like sqlline Move timeout functionality to TestTools. Update Expression materializer so that it will return a nullable int if a field is not found. Update Project record batch to support simple wildcard queries. Updates to move JSON record reader test to expecting VarCharVector.getObject to return a String rather than a byte[].

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