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DRILL-7068: Support memory adjustment framework for resource management with Queues. closes #1677

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DRILL-6952: Host compliant text reader on the row set framework

The result set loader allows controlling batch sizes. The new scan framework

built on top of that framework handles projection, implicit columns, null

columns and more. This commit converts the "new" ("compliant") text reader

to use the new framework. Options select the use of the V2 ("new") or V3

(row-set based) versions. Unit tests demonstrate V3 functionality.

closes #1683

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DRILL-7200: Update Calcite to 1.19.0 / 1.20.0

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DRILL-7117: Support creation of equi-depth histogram for selected data types.

Support int/bigint/float4/float8, time/timestamp/date and boolean.

Build the histogram from the t-digest byte array and serialize as JSON string.

More changes for serialization/deserialization.

Add code-gen stubs (empty) for VarChar/VarBinary types.

Address review comments (part 1). Add unit test.

Address review comments (part 2) for sampling.

close apache/drill#1715

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DRILL-7019: Add check for redundant imports

close apache/drill#1629

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DRILL-7016: Wrong query result with RuntimeFilter enabled when order of join and filter condition is swapped

close apache/drill#1628

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DRILL-6997: Semijoin is changing the join ordering for some tpcds queries.

close apache/drill#1620

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DRILL-6934: Update the option documentation for planner.enable_unnest_lateral closes #1587

DRILL-6878: Use DrillPushRowKeyJoinToScan rule on DrillJoin pattern to account for DrillSemiJoin

closes #1568

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DRILL-6818: Add descriptions to secondary index options.

closes #1545

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Drill 6735: Implement Semi-Join for the Hash-Join operator (#1522)

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DRILL-6715: Update descriptions for System Options table

With introduction of DRILL-5735 , the descriptions for about half the system options still remain missing. This commit collects descriptions review by @bbevens

1. Update options for HashAgg/Join (@Ben-Zvi )

2. Update options for Parquet Reader/Writer (@sachouche )

3. Update options for Planners (@HanumathRao , @vdiravka , @KazydubB )

4. Update options for BatchSizing (@bitblender )

5. Update options for Planner Optimizations (@arina-ielchiieva )

6. Update options for Security & Kafka (Krystal Nguyen)

7. Update options for Misc entries (@arina-ielchiieva , @vvysotskyi )

In additional, there is a patch for `org.apache.drill.exec.compile.ClassTransformer.scalar_replacement` , which appears to have replaced `exec.compile.scalar_replacement`. References to the latter have been removed to avoid confusion.

Additional changes include moving the `ClassTransformer` validator to ``

Adding support for internal options' descriptions

Removed mention of {{Will be removed in 1.15.0}}. (Refer DRILL-6527)

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DRILL-6804: Simplify usage of OperatorPhase in HashAgg.

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DRILL-1328: Support table statistics

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DRILL-6792: Find the right probe side fragment wrapper & fix DrillBuf reference count bugs & tune the execution flow & support left deep tree

closes #1504

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DRILL-6381: Address code review comments (part 3).

DRILL-6381: Add missing joinControl logic for INTERSECT_DISTINCT.

- Modified HashJoin's probe phase to process INTERSECT_DISTINCT.

- NOTE: For build phase, the functionality will be same as for SemiJoin when it is added later.

DRILL-6381: Address code review comment for intersect_distinct.

DRILL-6381: Rebase on latest master and fix compilation issues.

DRILL-6381: Generate protobuf files for C++ native client.

DRILL-6381: Use shaded Guava classes. Add more comments and Javadoc.

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DRILL-6798: Planner changes to support semi-join.

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DRILL-6773: The renamed schema with aliases is not shown for queries on empty directories

closes #1492

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DRILL-6381: Address code review comments.

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DRILL-6731: Resolving race conditions in RuntimeFilterSink Add condition variable to avoid starvation of producer thread while acquiring queue lock

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DRILL-6731: Move the BFs aggregating work from the Foreman to the RuntimeFilter

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DRILL-5735: UI options grouping and filtering & Metrics hints Allow search/sort in the Options webUI Additional details, like the description is provided as well in a JScript lookup map. This helps reduce the need for the server to constantly recreate the entire page with the description details, as the client browser can fill in these details. Developers will be expected to update the description as old/new options are introduced or deprecated. System table options_val also carries the description, albeit a 'shorter' version.

closes #1279

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DRILL-6422: Replace guava imports with shaded ones

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DRILL-6671: Multi level lateral unnest join is throwing an exception during materializing the plan.

closes #1426

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DRILL-6645: Transform TopN in Lateral Unnest pipeline to Sort and Limit.

closes #1417

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DRILL-6656: Disallow extra semicolons and multiple statements on the same line.

closes #1415

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DRILL-6617: Changing name of implicit RowId column from implicitColumn to implicitRIDColumn.

closes #1401

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DRILL-6636: Planner side changes to use PartitionLimitBatch in place of LimitBatch.

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DRILL-6617: Planner Side changed to propagate $drill_implicit_field$ information.

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DRILL-6475: Unnest: Null fieldId Pointer.

closes #1381

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