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DRILL-1839: Clean up complex writers per batch if project has a ComplexWriter function evaluation

DRILL-1811: select A, * from ... crashes JVM

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DRILL-1811: select A, * from ... crashes JVM

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DRILL-1781: Fast Complex Schema

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DRILL-1828: In ProjectRecordBatch, add a case for expression classification

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DRILL-1382: Fast schema return

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Patch for DRILL-705

Currently only supports partitioning/ordering, not yet preceding or

after offsets

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DRILL-1402: Add check-style rules for trailing space, TABs and blocks without braces

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DRILL-634: Cleanup/organize Java imports and trailing whitespaces from Drill code

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Fix issue introduced by DRILL-1202 where allocators are being closed after reporting success. Update ScreenRoot to cleanup before returning success. Update ScanBatch to cleanup reader in case of limit query to avoid memory leak in ParquetReader. Update allocators so that we don't have memory leak when using debug options. Update project record batch so that it doesn't try to return a released remainder.

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DRILL-1329: External sort memory fixes

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DRILL-1310: Fix assertion in ProjectRecordBatch for certain types of star queries.

DRILL-1324: Add mechanism to detect schema changes when adding a new primitive vector in a Map, RepeatedMap, RepeatedList vector

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DRILL-1278: Fix selecting scalar field from a map with join clause.

DRILL-1293: Fix assertion when selecting star column from view that also has star column.

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DRILL-1220: Process the star columns in ProjectRecordBatch by classifying the expressions appropriately based on the annotated expressions created by planner.

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DRILL-1060: Support ComplexToJson for Array Data Type

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DRILL-836: [addendum] Drill needs to return complex types (e.g., map and array) as a JSON string

* This contains additional changes to the original patch which was merged.

+ Renamed "flatten" to "complex-to-json"

+ With the new patch, we return VARCHAR instead of VARBINARY.

+ Added test case.

+ Minor code re-factoring.

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DRILL-836: Drill needs to return complex types (e.g., map and array) as a JSON string

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DRILL-935: Run-time code generation support for function which decodes string/varbinary into complex JSON object.

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DRILL-884: Always return a schema, even when there are no records

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Bug fixes in Project operator. Use allocateNewSafe() to allocate space for outgoing batch in Project.

Reenable testcase.

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DRILL-865: Interface changes to AbstractRecordBatch to enable easy collection of stats. Add BaseRootExec as a wrapper to collect stats for senders.

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DRILL-789: Left outer join returns "null" values for columns from the right table

The problem is that the "lastSet" field is not set on the Nullable mutator when the vector is loaded off the wire. The fix here is to make sure this gets set.

At the same time, this wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that we fill in empty values when setValueCount is called, and if "lastSet" is not correct, we end up clobbering the existing data. We shouldn't need to call setValueCount on a transferred vector, so I am making this change in project record batch.

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Fix for project column ordering is wrong.

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Enable sv2 support for project operator.

Currently, this will do copies for all vectors if their is incoming sv2.

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Add support for RepeatedMapVector, MapVector and RepeatedListVector.

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Move to Optiq 0.6 Also includes: -improve exception catching -move schema path parsing to Antlr -close zookeeper connection on if client created -enhance BaseTestQuery and have other query tests utilize it -Various test fixes for better memory release. still needs client allocator to be closed. -refactor DrillSqlWorker and create multiple SqlHandlers -Add PojoRecordReader and DirectPlan capabilities -Update Antlr to use same quoting rules as SQL: single quote for quoted strings, back ticks for identifiers -Move back to old Sorts until bugs are fixed -Refector SelectionVector management within Prels -Add support for NO_EXCHANGES option -Extract SchemaFactories to use Optiq's new Schema handling capabilities -Add basic handling of cancel in UserServer -Remove output requirement from Project -Add start of usercredentials to User communication

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DRILL-620: Memory consumption fixes

accounting fixes

trim buffers

switch to using setSafe and copySafe methods only

adaptive allocation

operator based allocator wip

handle OOM

Operator Context

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handle double project by copying