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DRILL-7487: Removes the unused OUT_OF_MEMORY iterator status

See JIRA ticket for full explanation.

closes #1930

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DRILL-7324: Final set of "batch count" fixes

Final set of fixes for batch count/record count issues. Enables

vector checking for all operators.

closes #1912

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DRILL-7456: Batch count fixes for 12 operators

Enables batch validation for 12 additional operators:

* MergingRecordBatch

* OrderedPartitionRecordBatch

* RangePartitionRecordBatch

* TraceRecordBatch

* UnionAllRecordBatch

* UnorderedReceiverBatch

* UnpivotMapsRecordBatch

* WindowFrameRecordBatch

* TopNBatch

* HashJoinBatch

* ExternalSortBatch

* WriterRecordBatch

Fixes issues found with those checks so that this set of

operators passes all checks.

Includes code cleanup in many files touched during this


closes #1906

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DRILL-7439: Batch count fixes for six additional operators

Enables vector checks, and fixes batch count and vector issues for:

* StreamingAggBatch

* RuntimeFilterRecordBatch

* FlattenRecordBatch

* MergeJoinBatch

* NestedLoopJoinBatch

* LimitRecordBatch

Also fixes a zero-size batch validity issue for the CSV reader when

all files contain no data.

Includes code cleanup for files touched in this PR.

closes #1893

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DRILL-7273: Introduce operators for handling metadata

closes #1886

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DRILL-7206:using primitive int list at right or full join case

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DRILL-7096: Develop vector for canonical Map<K,V>

- Added new type DICT;

- Created value vectors for the type for single and repeated modes;

- Implemented corresponding FieldReaders and FieldWriters;

- Made changes in EvaluationVisitor to be able to read values from the map by key;

- Made changes to DrillParquetGroupConverter to be able to read Parquet's MAP type;

- Added an option `store.parquet.reader.enable_map_support` to disable reading MAP type as DICT from Parquet files;

- Updated AvroRecordReader to use new DICT type for Avro's MAP;

- Added support of the new type to ParquetRecordWriter.

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DRILL-7155: Create a standard logging message for batch sizes generated by individual operators. This is needed for QA verification of the Batch Size feature DRILL-6238. closes #1716

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DRILL-6707: Removed changes for setOutputRowCount. Modified LateralJoin to use new setCurrentOutgoingMaxRowCount api Limit CurrentOutgoingMaxRowCount to MAX_NUM_ROWS Fix HashJoin to fix failing tests

closes #1650

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DRILL-6707: Update target outgoing batch row count between current position and allocated size

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DRILL-7002: whatever exec.hashjoin.num_partitions is set, output right results

close apache/drill#1622

DRILL-6947: Fix RuntimeFilter memory leak

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DRILL-6861: Hash-Join should not exit after an empty probe-side spilled partition

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Drill 6735: Implement Semi-Join for the Hash-Join operator (#1522)

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DRILL-6792: Find the right probe side fragment wrapper & fix DrillBuf reference count bugs & tune the execution flow & support left deep tree

closes #1504

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DRILL-6381: Address code review comments (part 3).

DRILL-6381: Add missing joinControl logic for INTERSECT_DISTINCT.

- Modified HashJoin's probe phase to process INTERSECT_DISTINCT.

- NOTE: For build phase, the functionality will be same as for SemiJoin when it is added later.

DRILL-6381: Address code review comment for intersect_distinct.

DRILL-6381: Rebase on latest master and fix compilation issues.

DRILL-6381: Generate protobuf files for C++ native client.

DRILL-6381: Use shaded Guava classes. Add more comments and Javadoc.

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DRILL-6381: Address review comments (part 2): fix formatting issues and add javadoc.

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DRILL-786: Allow CROSS JOIN syntax

1. Removed throw statement in UnsupportedOperatorsVisitor

2. Extended UnsupportedRelOperatorException's message

closes #1488

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DRILL-6766: Lateral Unnest query : IllegalStateException - rowId in right batch of lateral is smaller than rowId in left batch being processed Note: Issue was in StreamingAgg where if output from one or multiple input batch was splitting into multiple output batch, then remaining input records were discarded after producing first output batch closes #1490

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DRILL-6763: Codegen optimization of SQL functions with constant values(#1481)

closes #1481

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DRILL-6755: Avoid building Hash Table for inner/left join when probe side is empty

- Preparations and cleanup for DRILL-6755

clsoes #1480

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DRILL-6731: Move the BFs aggregating work from the Foreman to the RuntimeFilter

  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
DRILL-6724: Dump operator context to logs when error occurs during query execution

closes #1455

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DRILL-6719: Separate spilling queue logic from HashJoin and HashAgg.

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DRILL-6517: Hash Join handling uninitialized vector container

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DRILL-6422: Replace guava imports with shaded ones

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DRILL-6709: Extended the batch stats utility to other operators

closes #1444

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DRILL-6566: Reduce Hash Agg Batch size and estimate when low available memory (#1438)

DRILL-6566: Reduce Hash Agg Batch size and estimate when mem available is low

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DRILL-6674: Minor fixes to avoid auto boxing cost in logging in LateralJoinBatch

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DRILL-6656: Disallow extra semicolons and multiple statements on the same line.

closes #1415

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