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DRILL-5375: Nested loop join: return correct result for left join closes #794

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DRILL-5080: Memory-managed version of external sort

Please see JIRA entry for reasons for revision, design spec and list of


This PR covers the changes to the external sort itself. Tests for this

operator require the test framework in DRILL-5126 and the mock data

source in DRILL-5152. Tests for this operator will be issued as a

separate PR once those two dependencies are committed.

Until then, the new operator is disabled by default. It can be enabled

using drill.sort.external.disable_managed: false.

The operator now spills before receiving a new batch. Revised memory calcs and

merge calcs to make them a bit clearer and provide more margin of error

for the power-of-two allocations used when allocating vectors.

We have two external sort implementations, but only one operator code

for both. They can use only one Metrics enum between them. When adding

new metrics to the new version, didn’t add matching metrics to the old

one. This fixes that issue. (The issue will go away once the old one is


Revised memory calculations to reflect limit of 16 MB per vector.

Current revision limits to 16 MB per output batch to be safe. Next

revision will enforce per-vector limits to allow the overall batch to

be larger when possible.

Also simplified the merge-time calculations.

Original code provided only crude methods to learn the size of a record

batch. Adds a "RecordBatchSizer" to provide detailed analysis so the

sort can know the amount of memory used to buffer a batch, the number

of rows, and the expected row width once the rows are copied to a

spill file or the output.

Moved generic spill classes to a separate package.

Created parameters for spill batch size and merge batch size. Separated

these values in code. Deprecated the min, max spill parameters as they

no longer add much value. Minor code rearranging.

Bug fix

Fixes a corner case of merging spilled files in a low-memory condition.

Fixes from code review

close apache/drill#717

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DRILL-5116: Enable generated code debugging in each Drill operator

DRILL-5052 added the ability to debug generated code. The reviewer suggested

permitting the technique to be used for all Drill operators. This PR provides

the required fixes. Most were small changes, others dealt with the rather

clever way that the existing byte-code merge converted static nested classes

to non-static inner classes, with the way that constructors were inserted

at the byte-code level and so on. See the JIRA for the details.

This code passed the unit tests twice: once with the traditional byte-code

manipulations, a second time using "plain-old Java" code compilation.

Plain-old Java is turned off by default, but can be turned on for all

operators with a single config change: see the JIRA for info. Consider

the plain-old Java option to be experimental: very handy for debugging,

perhaps not quite tested enough for production use.

close apache/drill#716

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DRILL-4446: Support mandatory work assignment to endpoint requirements of operators

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DRILL-4445: Standardize the Physical and Logical plan nodes to use Lists instead of arrays for their inputs

Remove some extra translation logic used to move between the

two representations.

TODO - look back the the Join logical node, has two JsonCreator annotations,

but only one will be used. Not sure if the behavior of which is chosen

is considered documented behavior, should just fix it on our end.

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DRILL-4260: Adding support for some custom window frames

this includes the following JIRAs:




this closes #340

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DRILL-3012: Fix issue where remote values rel wasn't losing operatorId.

Also enhance Union rule to avoid more than 2 ways inputs

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DRILL-2936: Use SpoolingRawBatchBuffer for HashToMergeExchange In order to avoid deadlocks

Refactored common code in UnlimitedRawBatchBuffer and SpoolingRawBatchBuffer

into BaseRawBatchBuffer

Removed reflection-based construction of RawBatchBuffer. Now use choose implementation

based on plan

Updated SpoolingRawBatchBuffer to use a separate thread for spooling

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DRILL-2695: Add Support for large in conditions through the use of the Values operator. Update JSON reader to support reading Extended JSON. Update JSON writer to support writing extended JSON data. Update JSON reader to automatically unwrap a file that includes a single top-level array (used by values). Update Options manager to use getOption(<Type>Validator) to directly retrieve typed value. Remove JSON rewinding Add support for CONVERT_TO( [], 'SIMPLEJSON') to disable extended types as part of udf use.

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DRILL-2210 Introducing multithreading capability to PartitonerSender

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DRILL-133: LocalExchange planning and exec.

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DRILL-2715: Implement nested loop join operator

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1908: new window function implementation

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DRILL-1846: Use max receiver width during stats collection for parallelism planning. SingleMergeExchange and UnionExchange have a max receive width of 1. Others can go higher.

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DRILL-1846: Use max receiver width during stats collection for parallelism planning. SingleMergeExchange and UnionExchange have a max receive width of 1. Others can go higher.

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DRILL-1517: Update Foreman to improve state management.

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DRILL-1333: Flatten operator for allowing more complex queryies against repeated data.

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DRILL-1384: Part 1 - Rebase on Calcite. Change code due to Calcite package renaming/re-structure.

Optiq changed to use DATETIME_PLUS. Have to handle it in Drill.

PushFilterPastJoinRule has some issue. Temp fix for that.

Failed unit tests:

1) TestFlatten

2) TestConvertFunctions / TestComplexTypeWriter : "Concat"

3) TPCH Q16 : CanNotPlanException

Feed a RelDataTypeSystem into planner, to support decimal with precision/scale up to 38.

Remove assertion in DrillFilterRel. Optiq/Calcite could create a TRUE AND TRUE for query like WHERE col1 in (select ...) and col2 in (select ...) .

Rebase on calcite-1.1.0-drill-test-r1. Change code due to Calcite package renaming/re-structure.

Rebase on calcite : remaing with perl script. Part 1

reverse change to jdbc test.

Renaming for rebasing calcite. Part 2

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 3

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 4

Reverse change to testcase in jdbc.

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 5

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 6


WindowRel change related.

Renaming for calcite rebase. Part 7

PreprocessLogical and AggPrelBase

Renaming for calcite rebasing. Part 8. More manual change

Rebasing Calcite. Part 9

Rebasing calcite. Part 10

Rebasing API change from Calcite.

SQL parser change, due to Calcite rebasing.

Renaming change for calcite rebasing.

Renaming package due to Calcite rebasing.

Renaming package due to Calicte Rebase.

Work in progress for calcite rebasing.

Change import package names due to Calcite rebase.

Code refactor due to Calcite rebasing.

Fix bug in DistributionTraitDef.

Resolve compiler error, due to Calcite Rebasing.

Resolve compiler error after Calcite Rebasing.

minor change.

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Patch for DRILL-705

Currently only supports partitioning/ordering, not yet preceding or

after offsets

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DRILL-1402: Add check-style rules for trailing space, TABs and blocks without braces

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DRILL-634: Cleanup/organize Java imports and trailing whitespaces from Drill code

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DRILL-1328: Support table statistics - Part 2

Add support for avg row-width and major type statistics.

Parallelize the ANALYZE implementation and stats UDF implementation to improve stats collection performance.

Update/fix rowcount, selectivity and ndv computations to improve plan costing.

Add options for configuring collection/usage of statistics.

Add new APIs and implementation for stats writer (as a precursor to Drill Metastore APIs).

Fix several stats/costing related issues identified while running TPC-H nad TPC-DS queries.

Add support for CPU sampling and nested scalar columns.

Add more testcases for collection and usage of statistics and fix remaining unit/functional test failures.

Thanks to Venki Korukanti (@vkorukanti) for the description below (modified to account for new changes). He graciously agreed to rebase the patch to latest master, fixed few issues and added few tests.

FUNCS: Statistics functions as UDFs:


Currently using FieldReader to ensure consistent output type so that Unpivot doesn't get confused. All stats columns should be Nullable, so that stats functions can return NULL when N/A.

* custom versions of "count" that always return BigInt

* HyperLogLog based NDV that returns BigInt that works only on VarChars

* HyperLogLog with binary output that only works on VarChars

OPS: Updated protobufs for new ops

OPS: Implemented StatisticsMerge

OPS: Implemented StatisticsUnpivot

ANALYZE: AnalyzeTable functionality

* JavaCC syntax more-or-less copied from LucidDB.

* (Basic) AnalyzePrule: DrillAnalyzeRel -> UnpivotPrel StatsMergePrel FilterPrel(for sampling) StatsAggPrel ScanPrel

ANALYZE: Add getMetadataTable() to AbstractSchema

USAGE: Change field access in QueryWrapper

USAGE: Add getDrillTable() to DrillScanRelBase and ScanPrel

* since ScanPrel does not inherit from DrillScanRelBase, this requires adding a DrillTable to the constructor

* This is done so that a custom ReflectiveRelMetadataProvider can access the DrillTable associated with Logical/Physical scans.

USAGE: Attach DrillStatsTable to DrillTable.

* DrillStatsTable represents the data scanned from a corresponding ".stats.drill" table

* In order to avoid doing query execution right after the ".stats.drill" table is found, metadata is not actually collected until the MaterializationVisitor is used.

** Currently, the metadata source must be a string (so that a SQL query can be created). Doing this with a table is probably more complicated.

** Query is set up to extract only the most recent statistics results for each column.

closes #729

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DRILL-1329: External sort memory fixes

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DRILL-1078: Added metrics to unordered receiver (+ renaming) and merging receiver.

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DRILL-1055: Add ProducerConsumer operator to scans

This can be disabled. The queue size is configurable

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DRILL-1069: Rename RandomReceiver to UnorderedRecevier.

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DRILL-1022: Increase default min hash table size and allow setting min/max size for hash table.

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DRILL-836: [addendum] Drill needs to return complex types (e.g., map and array) as a JSON string

* This contains additional changes to the original patch which was merged.

+ Renamed "flatten" to "complex-to-json"

+ With the new patch, we return VARCHAR instead of VARBINARY.

+ Added test case.

+ Minor code re-factoring.

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Merge fixes.

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DRILL-933: Remove old physical operator cost & size concepts, add automatic size-based parallelization

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