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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-2499: Remove orphan test Drill2130InterpreterHamcrestConfigurationTest

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DRILL-2406: part 1 - Remove interpreter generation, add new reflection based expression interpretation.

Changed interpreted evaluation to run the setup method after the input parameters have been set using reflection

so they are available in the case where the inputs are constant and are used in the setup method.

Changes that were originally committed in later patches for 2060 and 2173, as they are needed for this to run on its own:

- Change to DrillSimpleFuncHolder that belongs with the interpreter refactoring.

- ValueHolderHelper changes needed for interpreter refactoring.

Updates after review comments from Jinfeng:

Change the DrillSimpleFunc creation in the new interpreter to use a direct reference to the class type of the Function rather than the class name.

Add test case for 'like' function evaluated in the interpreter (has a meaningful setup method that uses one of the inputs to initialize a pattern matcher)

Update from Aman's review:

Add a test case for using a cast in interpreted expression evaluation.

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DRILL-2143: Part 2 - fix interpreter and add QueryDateTimeInfo injectable to fill in holes from removing RecordBatch from UDFs - Move list of accepted injectable types into the UdfUtilities interface for easier maintenance.

Fix one more new function to remove RecordBatch from setup method.

Add back UdfUtilities interface to FragmentContext lost in rebasing.

Remove unneeded testcase in TestExampleQueries, remove commented out code in InterpreterGenerator

previously used to handle DrillBuf injectables, now being handled by reflection to set the DrillBuf

rather than the previously generated code that would use the direct reference to the incoming

RecordBatch to get a buffer.

Fix docs on UdfUtilities and package docs for drill/exec/expr, belongs with 2143 part 2 patch.

Fix belongs with 2143, change interpreter to output a ValueHolder instead of a ValueVector in the case of a constant expression.

2143 update - Use reflection to remove boilerplate for adding new injectable types for UDFs.

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DRILL-2130: Fixed JUnit/Hamcrest/Mockito/Paranamer class path problem.

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DRILL-2353: Add interpreter based partition pruning.

Integrate Jacques's interpreter based partition pruning with Jason's interpreter refactoring that removed interpreter module and added that functionality in the exec module.

Ensure boolean operators are correctly handled when traversing expression tree to find partition filters.

Resolve merge conflicts after rebasing to master branch.

Additional fixes for handling OR conditions.

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DRILL-1383: Support interpreted execution for Drill expression tree.

Fix OOM while running InterpreterBuilder

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