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DRILL-6540: Updated Hadoop and HBase libraries to the latest versions

Hadoop: 3.2.1

HBase: 2.2.2

closes #1895

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DRILL-7401: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.9.0

closes #1875

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DRILL-6989: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.7

closes #1717

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DRILL-6985: Fix sqlline.bat issues on Windows and add drill-embedded.bat

closes #1616

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DRILL-3853: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.5.0 closes #1462

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DRILL-6349: Drill JDBC driver fails on Java 1.9+ with NoClassDefFoundError: sun/misc/VM

closes #1446

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-6270: Added general option --jvm, which can be used to set the remote debug jvm options.

The option is not needed for drillbit startup, you can set the jvm properties directly after the start command.


bin/drill-embedded --jvm "[JVM options]"

bin/sqlline -u "jdbc:drill:zk=zkaddr:port" --jvm "[JVM options]"

bin/ start [JVM options]

sqlline.bat -u "jdbc:drill:zk=local" --jvm "[JVM options]"

closes #1210

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DRILL-4726: Dynamic UDF Support

1) Configuration / parsing / options / protos

2) Zookeeper integration

3) Registration / unregistration / lazy-init

4) Unit tests

This closes #574

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DRILL-3120: Windows startup throws NPE

DRILL-3120: Windows startup throws NPE

DRILL-2981: Add queries log. Update profile to store normal and verbose exception as well as node and errorid.

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DRILL-2782: 2-Core: Decide, implement behavior for transaction-related JDBC methods.

- Added unit test.

- Added implementations of transaction-related methods:

- setAutoCommit - reject attempt to turn auto-commit off

- commit - reject when in auto-commit mode (which is always)

- rollback - reject when in auto-commit mode (which is always)

- other mode and metadata methods - roughly, report "no transactions"

- Added method declarations with doc. comments in Drill-specific interface.

- Overrode SQLLine's default transaction isolation level to Drill's


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DRILL-1733 - Include Hadoop winutils in Drill distribution

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DRILL-1428 - SqlLine fails to start on Windows

DRILL-1218: 'sqlline.bat' file should use JAVA_HOME if set

DRILL-1008: Update the way that Windows sqlline.bat composes its classpath

DRILL-974: Windows sqlline.bat - Correctly handle spaces in the path to the Drill directory. Previously, if Drill was on a path such as for example, C:\My Home Dir\Drill Work\apache-drill-1.0.0-m2-incubating-SNAPSHOT, then sqlline.bat would not correctly parse this path and be unable to start.

original fix by David Kewley ( )

Adding License headers.

DRILL-905: sqlline.bat for Windows - updated

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