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Drill-4581: Extensive revisions to the Drill launch scripts.

See DRILL-4581 and DRILL-4591 for an overview.

See DRILL-4581 for a detailed list of bugs fixed.

See DRILL-4591 for the motivation for the new "site" directory support.

Changes support DRILL-1170 (Drill-on-YARN).

Broad overview of changes:

* Extended the existing "config" directory concept to create a

"site" directory that holds all site-specific files, leaving the

Drill directory ($DRILL_HOME) to contain only Drill-provided files.

The site directory is handy for all Drill users because it eases

upgrades, but is necessary to simplify Drill-on-YARN deployments.

Use the --config (for backward compatibility) or --site (more

descriptive) option to point to the site directory.

* Moved distribution-specific settings, and Drill defaults, out of

drill-env.sh. Now, drill-env.sh contains only user settings, avoiding

the need to do multi-way merges on upgrades. Distribution-specific

files now reside in a new $DRILL_HOME/conf/distrib-env.sh file.

* Refactored the launch scripts to allow the bulk of setup to be shared

between the "classic" Drill daemon script (drillbit.sh) and the new

Drill-on-YARN scripts.

* Added a new "run" option to drillbit.sh to allow Drill to run as a

child process as needed by tools such as Apache Mesos.

* Changes ensure backward compatibility. Users of earlier releases can

upgrade to the release with this fix without doing anything special.

Drill will "just work." However, users can optionally clean up the

drill-env.sh script, optionally use the site directory, and so on.

However these upgrades are not required.

closes #547

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DRILL-4623: Disable epoll transport by default

closes #486

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DRILL-3007: Disable automatic mmap threshold on Linux

DRILL-2798 - don't print message about Drill log dir unless environment variable DRILL_LOG_DEBUG=1

DRILL-2446: Improvement in finding Drill log dir

DRILL-2446: Improvement in finding Drill log dir

DRILL-1733 - Include Hadoop winutils in Drill distribution

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DRILL-1719 - handle the case in which /var/log/drill exists but the current user does not have permission to write to it

DRILL-1516: When searching for the java executable, ignore directories named "java"

DRILL-1372: Separate category B licenses into their own directory in the binary distribution.

Adding a statement about the category B licensed software in the NOTICE files and adding the appropriate reference to MIT licensed source in the LICENSE file for the source distribution.

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DRILL-1281: Use ByteBuffer read codepath in complex parquet reader

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DRILL-953: Handle the case in which /var/log/drill does not exist

Added 'extlib' folder which will contain 3rd party jars which override jars from other (Hadoop, HBase) projects.

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DRILL-486: Add hbase classpath to drillbit classpath

DRILL-88: Implement HBase Storage Plugin

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DRILL-432: Can not run 'sqlline' on Windows with CYGWIN * Clean up and unify various shell scripts.

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DRILL-165: Reorganize directories (moves only)

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DRILL-214: if HADOOP_HOME is set, add jars in hadoop lib directory to classpath. Minor packaging and script fixes.

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