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DRILL-6751: Upgrade Apache parent POM to version 21

- Update apache.pom file version to 21 (with updating some maven plugins versions)

- Include Drill's sources jars on assembly stage in <moduleSets> (not <dependencySets>)

for properincluding jars with last apache-21.pom

- Separate "distro-assembly" to the two execution stages to avoid:

[WARNING] Assembly file: <DRILL_HOME>/distribution/target/apache-drill-1.15.0-SNAPSHOT is not a regular

file (it may be a directory). It cannot be attached to the project build for installation or deployment.

- Remove unsused <include>/<exclude> in assebly descriptor to avoid:

[WARNING] The following patterns were never triggered in this artifact inclusion filter

- Update "maven-assembly-plugin" version

- Update "slf4j" version

- Update "mockito-core" version

- Update "bcpkix-jdk15on" (Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs) version

close apache/drill#1561

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DRILL-3853: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.5.0 closes #1462

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DRILL-6634: Add udf module under contrib directory and move some udfs into it

1. Created new contrib/udf module.

2. Moved distance, phonetic, networking, crypto functions from java-exec to contrib/udf module.

3. Moved functions from gis module to contrib/udf module. Removed gis module.

4. Removed unnecessary dependencies from java-exec module.

5. Minor refactoring of moved functions code.

closes #1403

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DRILL-6494: Drill Plugins Handler

- Storage Plugins Handler service is used op the Drill start-up stage and it updates storage plugins configs from

storage-plugins-override.conf file. If plugins configs are present in the persistence store - they are updated,

otherwise bootstrap plugins are updated and the result configs are loaded to persistence store. If the enabled

status is absent in the storage-plugins-override.conf file, the last plugin config enabled status persists.

- '' Boot option is added. This is the action, which should be

performed on the storage-plugins-override.conf file after successful updating storage plugins configs.

Possible values are: "none" (default), "rename" and "remove".

- The "NULL" issue with updating Hive plugin config by REST is solved. But clients are still being instantiated for disabled

plugins - DRILL-6412.

- "org.honton.chas.hocon:jackson-dataformat-hocon" library is added for the proper deserializing HOCON conf file

- additional refactoring: "com.typesafe:config" and "org.apache.commons:commons-lang3" are placed into DependencyManagement

block with proper versions; correct properties for metrics in "drill-override-example.conf" are specified

closes #1345

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DRILL-6422: Update guava to 23.0 and shade it

- Fix compilation errors for new version of Guava.

- Remove usage of deprecated API

- Shade guava and add dependencies to the shaded version

- Ban unshaded package

- Introduce drill-shaded module and move guava-shaded under it

- Add methods to convert shaded guava lists to the unshaded ones

- Add instruction for publishing artifacts to the Apache repository

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-6241: Saffron properties config has the excessive permissions

changed permission to 640

closes #1167

DRILL-6189: Security: passwords logging and file permisions

1. Overrided serialization methods for instances with passwords

2. Changed file permissions for configuration files

closes #1139

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DRILL-6119: The OpenTSDB storage plugin is not included in the Drill distribution

closes #1102

DRILL-6068: Support user/distrib-specific config checks during startup

1. Allows for distrib/user specific checks to be done

2. Place-holder files for distribution and user specific checks

3. Moved JVM Version Check to head of script

Separation of setups into 3 levels

1. Apache Drill (Default)

2. Distribition Specific

3. User-Defined

1 & 2 are mutually exclusive.

3 is additional checks that the user can specify.

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DRILL-4779: Kafka storage plugin (Kamesh Bhallamudi & Anil Kumar Batchu)

closes #1052

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DRILL-1170: YARN integration for Drill

closes #1011

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DRILL-5772: Enable UTF-8 support in query string by default

1. Bump up Drill Calcite version to in include CALCITE-2014 changes.

2. Add file to the Drill conf folder.

3. Add appopriate unit tests.

closes #936

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DRILL-5431: SSL Support (Java) - Java client server SSL implementation

Also enable OpenSSL support

Also fix exclusions and java-exec pom file to eliminate netty-tcnative as a transitive dependency on all projects

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DRILL-4886: Modifying projects POMs to align with Drill's build and distribution.

The default build/test/packaging behavior for mapr-format-plugin module are

1. BUILD of mapr-format-plugin is ENABLED.

2. Unit tests of mapr-format-plugin module are DISABLED (use `-Pmapr` to enable).

3. Packaging of mapr-format-plugin is DISABLED (use `-Pmapr` to enable).

Please see LEGAL-251 for discussion/conclusion regarding inclusion of source code with non-open-source dependency.

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Exclude 'drill-memory-base' and 'tpch-sample-data' jars from jars/3rdparty folder.

Drill-4581: Extensive revisions to the Drill launch scripts.

See DRILL-4581 and DRILL-4591 for an overview.

See DRILL-4581 for a detailed list of bugs fixed.

See DRILL-4591 for the motivation for the new "site" directory support.

Changes support DRILL-1170 (Drill-on-YARN).

Broad overview of changes:

* Extended the existing "config" directory concept to create a

"site" directory that holds all site-specific files, leaving the

Drill directory ($DRILL_HOME) to contain only Drill-provided files.

The site directory is handy for all Drill users because it eases

upgrades, but is necessary to simplify Drill-on-YARN deployments.

Use the --config (for backward compatibility) or --site (more

descriptive) option to point to the site directory.

* Moved distribution-specific settings, and Drill defaults, out of Now, contains only user settings, avoiding

the need to do multi-way merges on upgrades. Distribution-specific

files now reside in a new $DRILL_HOME/conf/ file.

* Refactored the launch scripts to allow the bulk of setup to be shared

between the "classic" Drill daemon script ( and the new

Drill-on-YARN scripts.

* Added a new "run" option to to allow Drill to run as a

child process as needed by tools such as Apache Mesos.

* Changes ensure backward compatibility. Users of earlier releases can

upgrade to the release with this fix without doing anything special.

Drill will "just work." However, users can optionally clean up the script, optionally use the site directory, and so on.

However these upgrades are not required.

closes #547

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DRILL-4241: Add Single Tablet Writer

- Also move to a test bootstrap

- Update to the latest kudu and Drill

- Add plugin to Drill distribution

- Checkstyle and directory cleanup

This closes #314.

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DRILL-4063: Add s3a dependency jars and example core-site.xml

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DRILL-4063: Add s3a dependency jars and example core-site.xml

This closes #265

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DRILL-4134: Allocator Improvements

- make Allocator mostly lockless

- change BaseAllocator maps to direct references

- add documentation around memory management model

- move transfer and ownership methods to DrillBuf

- Improve debug messaging.

- Fix/revert sort changes

- Remove unused fragment limit flag

- Add time to HistoricalLog events

- Remove reservation amount from RootAllocator constructor (since not allowed)

- Fix concurrency issue where allocator is closing at same moment as incoming batch transfer, causing leaked memory and/or query failure.

- Add new AutoCloseables.close(Iterable<AutoCloseable>)

- Remove extraneous DataResponseHandler and Impl (and update TestBitRpc to use smarter mock of FragmentManager)

- Remove the concept of poison pill record batches, using instead FragmentContext.isOverMemoryLimit()

- Update incoming data batches so that they are transferred under protection of a close lock

- Improve field names in IncomingBuffers and move synchronization to collectors as opposed to IncomingBuffers (also change decrementing to decrementToZero rather than two part check).

This closes #238.

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DRILL-3987: (CLEANUP) Final cleanups to get complete working build/distribution

- small cleanups

- move Hook to drill-adbc

- update distribution assembly to include new modules

This closes #250

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DRILL-3916: Add JDBC plugin to assembly

This commits adds the JDBC plugin jar to the assembly so that it can be

loaded by Drill as a storage plugin.

DRILL-3914: Gis contrib module with basic spatial queries functionality

This closes #191

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DRILL-3320: Do away with "rebuffing" Drill jar

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Add convenience drill-* executables for sqlline. Rename drill_dumpcat to dumpcat

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DRILL-1733 - Include Hadoop winutils in Drill distribution

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DRILL-1864: Remove incubator disclaimer

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DRILL-1864: Remove incubator disclaimer

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DRILL-98: MongoDB storage plugin

This commit disables MongoDB PStore due to changes to the PStore interface.

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