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DRILL-6540: Updated Hadoop and HBase libraries to the latest versions

Hadoop: 3.2.1

HBase: 2.2.2

closes #1895

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DRILL-4303: ESRI Shapefile (shp) Format Plugin

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DRILL-7177: Format Plugin for Excel Files

closes #1749

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DRILL-7401: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.9.0

closes #1875

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DRILL-7272: Drill Metastore Read / Write API and Drill Iceberg Metastore implementation

1. Drill Metastore Read / Write API.

2. Drill Iceberg Metastore implementation in iceberg-metastore module.

3. Patches Guava Preconditions class for Apache Iceberg.

4. General refactoring.

5. Unit tests.

6. Documentation.

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DRILL-7207: Update the copyright year in NOTICE.txt file

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DRILL-7213: Use dependencySets tag for including artifacts in assembly to consider dependencies from the distribution module

DRILL-7126: Contrib format-ltsv is not being included in distribution (#1709)

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DRILL-7075: Fix debian package issue with control files

Add control file to generate debian package where we have deleted in #1669 PR. We need control file either in static form or dynamic form. The control file gives details about the package and conffiles used when a new version is installed then dpkg knows to ask what do you want to do with differences instead of just replacing file. According to debian packaging rules the control files are must and conffile is optional. Hence to add control file. We also need to add "<exclude>**/control</exclude>" in distribution/pom.xml file. Because without this line "mvn clean install -DskipTests -Drat.skip=false -Dlicense.skip=false" will fail.

Reference link for debian packaging:

Signed-off-by: Naresh Bhat <>

closes #1679

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DRILL-7070: Fix deb and rpm issues on apache drill master branch

The Apache Drill failed to generate debian and rpm packages. The issues fixed as below,

-Add apache as prefix

-Remove lib folder while packaging, because lib folder does not exist.

-Add, KEYS, LICENSE, NOTICE, and sample-data dir into the /opt/drill/.

-Update plugin version to 2.2.0

-Update Maven org.vafer:jdeb plugin version to 1.7

-Change the rpm name tobe generated by editing version, and name.

-Remove two files under distribution/src/deb/control/ i.e. conffiles and control.

-The `<copyright>` tag isn't supported anymore for this plugin. Hence use `<license>` and project variables content instead of `2013 ASF`.

Signed-off-by: Naresh Bhat <>

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DRILL-6582: SYSLOG (RFC-5424) Format Plugin closes #1530

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DRILL-6989: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.7

closes #1717

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DRILL-6985: Fix sqlline.bat issues on Windows and add drill-embedded.bat

closes #1616

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DRILL-6895: Warnings for license headers checks and wrong license headers in some files

- update license-maven-plugin plugin custom mappings

- update files licenses headers

- update from "/usr/bin/env bash" to "/bin/bash" shebang line in shell script files

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DRILL-6877: NPE when starting Drillbit

closes #1560

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DRILL-6751: Upgrade Apache parent POM to version 21

- Update apache.pom file version to 21 (with updating some maven plugins versions)

- Include Drill's sources jars on assembly stage in <moduleSets> (not <dependencySets>)

for properincluding jars with last apache-21.pom

- Separate "distro-assembly" to the two execution stages to avoid:

[WARNING] Assembly file: <DRILL_HOME>/distribution/target/apache-drill-1.15.0-SNAPSHOT is not a regular

file (it may be a directory). It cannot be attached to the project build for installation or deployment.

- Remove unsused <include>/<exclude> in assebly descriptor to avoid:

[WARNING] The following patterns were never triggered in this artifact inclusion filter

- Update "maven-assembly-plugin" version

- Update "slf4j" version

- Update "mockito-core" version

- Update "bcpkix-jdk15on" (Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs) version

close apache/drill#1561

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DRILL-3933: Surround $QUERY variable in double-quotes to avoid asterisk expansion in sqlline script

closes #1538

DRILL-6039: Fixed script to do graceful shutdown

closes #1536

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DRILL-6752: Surround Drill quotes with double quotes

1. Surround Drill quotes with double quotes.

2. Remove drill-sqlline-test.conf, use drill-sqlline.conf for tests instead.

closes #1475

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DRILL-3853: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.5.0 closes #1462

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DRILL-6349: Drill JDBC driver fails on Java 1.9+ with NoClassDefFoundError: sun/misc/VM

closes #1446

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DRILL-6662: Access AWS access key ID and secret access key using Credential Provider API for S3 storage plugin

closes #1419

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DRILL-6634: Add udf module under contrib directory and move some udfs into it

1. Created new contrib/udf module.

2. Moved distance, phonetic, networking, crypto functions from java-exec to contrib/udf module.

3. Moved functions from gis module to contrib/udf module. Removed gis module.

4. Removed unnecessary dependencies from java-exec module.

5. Minor refactoring of moved functions code.

closes #1403

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DRILL-5671: Set secure ACLs (Access Control List) for Drill ZK nodes in a secure cluster

closes #1467

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DRILL-6494: Drill Plugins Handler

- Storage Plugins Handler service is used op the Drill start-up stage and it updates storage plugins configs from

storage-plugins-override.conf file. If plugins configs are present in the persistence store - they are updated,

otherwise bootstrap plugins are updated and the result configs are loaded to persistence store. If the enabled

status is absent in the storage-plugins-override.conf file, the last plugin config enabled status persists.

- '' Boot option is added. This is the action, which should be

performed on the storage-plugins-override.conf file after successful updating storage plugins configs.

Possible values are: "none" (default), "rename" and "remove".

- The "NULL" issue with updating Hive plugin config by REST is solved. But clients are still being instantiated for disabled

plugins - DRILL-6412.

- "org.honton.chas.hocon:jackson-dataformat-hocon" library is added for the proper deserializing HOCON conf file

- additional refactoring: "com.typesafe:config" and "org.apache.commons:commons-lang3" are placed into DependencyManagement

block with proper versions; correct properties for metrics in "drill-override-example.conf" are specified

closes #1345

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DRILL-6485: Fix typo in

closes #1315

DRILL-5700: Adding nohup support for Sqlline script

closes #1300

DRILL-143: CGroup Support for Drill-on-YARN

Initial patch

1. Minor fix up

2. Updated variable name for pid file

Revert changes to

Based on discussion for PR #1239 (Ref:

closes #1239

DRILL-6422: Update guava to 23.0 and shade it

- Fix compilation errors for new version of Guava.

- Remove usage of deprecated API

- Shade guava and add dependencies to the shaded version

- Ban unshaded package

- Introduce drill-shaded module and move guava-shaded under it

- Add methods to convert shaded guava lists to the unshaded ones

- Add instruction for publishing artifacts to the Apache repository

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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