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DRILL-6955: storage-jdbc tests improvements

- Remove plugins usage for instantiating test databases and tables

- Replace derby with h2 database

closes #1603

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DRILL-6915: Disable generation of test tables with case-sensitive names for non-Linux systems

closes #1580

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DRILL-6850: Allow configuring table names case sensitivity for JDBC storage plugin

closes #1542

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DRILL-6494: Drill Plugins Handler

- Storage Plugins Handler service is used op the Drill start-up stage and it updates storage plugins configs from

storage-plugins-override.conf file. If plugins configs are present in the persistence store - they are updated,

otherwise bootstrap plugins are updated and the result configs are loaded to persistence store. If the enabled

status is absent in the storage-plugins-override.conf file, the last plugin config enabled status persists.

- '' Boot option is added. This is the action, which should be

performed on the storage-plugins-override.conf file after successful updating storage plugins configs.

Possible values are: "none" (default), "rename" and "remove".

- The "NULL" issue with updating Hive plugin config by REST is solved. But clients are still being instantiated for disabled

plugins - DRILL-6412.

- "org.honton.chas.hocon:jackson-dataformat-hocon" library is added for the proper deserializing HOCON conf file

- additional refactoring: "com.typesafe:config" and "org.apache.commons:commons-lang3" are placed into DependencyManagement

block with proper versions; correct properties for metrics in "drill-override-example.conf" are specified

closes #1345

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DRILL-3791: MySQL tests for JDBC plugin

This commit adds integration tests for the JDBC plugin with MySQL. It

also refactors the existing Derby tests to have the same general pattern

as the MySQL tests: data is defined in an external .sql file and maven

is used to start/stop external resources for testing.

Add tests for ENUM and YEAR types.

Tests for the CLOB type with Derby.

This closes #251

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DRILL-3180: JDBC Storage Plugin updates.

- Move to leverage Calcite's JDBC adapter capabilities for pushdowns, schema, etc.

- Add test cases using Derby

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