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DRILL-5844: Incorrect values of TABLE_TYPE returned from method DatabaseMetaData.getTables of JDBC API

closes #1904

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DRILL-6961: Handle exceptions during queries to information_schema

closes #1833

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DRILL-7072: Query with semi join fails for JDBC storage plugin closes #1674

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DRILL-6734: JDBC storage plugin returns null for fields without aliases closes #1642 - Add output column names to JdbcRecordReader and use them for storing the results since column names in result set may differ when aliases aren't specified

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DRILL-6955: storage-jdbc tests improvements

- Remove plugins usage for instantiating test databases and tables

- Replace derby with h2 database

closes #1603

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DRILL-6915: Disable generation of test tables with case-sensitive names for non-Linux systems

closes #1580

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DRILL-6850: Allow configuring table names case sensitivity for JDBC storage plugin

closes #1542

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DRILL-6850: Force setting DRILL_LOGICAL Convention for DrillRelFactories and DrillFilterRel

- Fix workspace case insensitivity for JDBC storage plugin

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DRILL-6850: JDBC integration tests failures

- Fix RDBMS integration tests (expected decimal output and testCrossSourceMultiFragmentJoin)

- Update libraries versions

- Resolve NPE for empty result

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DRILL-6777: Setup CircleCI configs for Drill

- adding .circleci/config.yml to the project to launch CircleCI

- custom memory parameters

- usage of CircleCI machine

- excluding "SlowTest" and "UnlikelyTest" groups

- update maven version

- adding library to solve MySQL integration tests

- update com.jcabi:jcabi-mysql-maven-plugin library version

- TODO descriptions for the future enhancements of CircleCI build for Drill

close apache/drill#1493

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DRILL-6242 Use java.time.Local{Date|Time|DateTime} for Drill Date, Time, Timestamp types. (#3)

close apache/drill#1247

* DRILL-6242 - Use java.time.Local{Date|Time|DateTime} classes to hold values from corresponding Drill date, time, and timestamp types.



Fix merge conflicts and check style.

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DRILL-6130: Fix NPE during physical plan submission for various storage plugins

1. Fixed ser / de issues for Hive, Kafka, Hbase plugins.

2. Added physical plan submission unit test for all storage plugins in contrib module.

3. Refactoring.

closes #1108

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DRILL-5752 this change includes:

1. Increased test parallelism and fixed associated bugs

2. Added test categories and categorized tests appropriately

- Don't exclude anything by default

- Increase test timeout

- Fixed flakey test

closes #940

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DRILL-4277: Fix for JdbcPrel serialization issue.

This closes #326.

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DRILL-3791: MySQL tests for JDBC plugin

This commit adds integration tests for the JDBC plugin with MySQL. It

also refactors the existing Derby tests to have the same general pattern

as the MySQL tests: data is defined in an external .sql file and maven

is used to start/stop external resources for testing.

Add tests for ENUM and YEAR types.

Tests for the CLOB type with Derby.

This closes #251

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DRILL-3992: Add/fix support for JDBC schemas (tested against oracle and derby)

This closes #225

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DRILL-3180: JDBC Storage Plugin updates.

- Move to leverage Calcite's JDBC adapter capabilities for pushdowns, schema, etc.

- Add test cases using Derby

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