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DRILL-7337: Add vararg UDFs support

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DRILL-7307: casthigh for decimal type can lead to the issues with VarDecimalHolder

- Fixed code-gen for VarDecimal type

- Fixed code-gen issue with nullable holders for simple cast functions

with passed constants as arguments.

- Code-gen now honnoring DataType.Optional type defined by UDF for

NULL-IF-NULL functions.

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DRILL-4456: Add Hive translate UDF

closes #1527

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DRILL-6422: Replace guava imports with shaded ones

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-6094: Decimal data type enhancements

Add ExprVisitors for VARDECIMAL

Modify writers/readers to support VARDECIMAL

- Added usage of VarDecimal for parquet, hive, maprdb, jdbc;

- Added options to store decimals as int32 and int64 or fixed_len_byte_array or binary;

Add UDFs for VARDECIMAL data type

- modify type inference rules

- remove UDFs for obsolete DECIMAL types

Enable DECIMAL data type by default

Add unit tests for DECIMAL data type

Fix mapping for NLJ when literal with non-primitive type is used in join conditions

Refresh protobuf C++ source files

Changes in C++ files

Add support for decimal logical type in Avro.

Add support for date, time and timestamp logical types.

Update Avro version to 1.8.2.

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DRILL-6375 : Support for ANY_VALUE aggregate function

closes #1256

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DRILL-5399: Fix race condition in DrillComplexWriterFuncHolder

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DRILL-4618: Correct the usage of random flag in Hive function registry

+ Function visitor should not use previous function holder if this function is non-deterministic

closes #509

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DRILL-4372: (continued) Support for Window functions: - CUME_DIST - DENSE_RANK - PERCENT_RANK - RANK - ROW_NUMBER - NTILE - LEAD - LAG - FIRST_VALUE - LAST_VALUE

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DRILL-4459: Resolve SchemaChangeException while querying hive json table

- Replace drill var16char to varchar datatype for hive string datatype

- Change testGenericUDF() and testUDF() to use VarChar instead of Var16Char

- Add unit test for hive GET_JSON_OBJECT UDF

closes #431

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DRILL-4372: (continued) Add option to disable/enable function output type inference

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DRILL-4372: (continued) Type inference for HiveUDFs

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DRILL-3742: Classpath scanning and build improvement

Makes the classpath scanning a build time class discovery

Makes the fmpp generation incremental

Removes some slowness in DrillBit closing

Reduces the build time by 30%

This closes #148

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DRILL-3273: Pass an empty DeferredObject to Hive UDFs for null argument value

+ Handle nulls in ObjectInspector implementations for Drill types.

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DRILL-1402: Add check-style rules for trailing space, TABs and blocks without braces

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DRILL-634: Cleanup/organize Java imports and trailing whitespaces from Drill code

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DRILL-1347: Update Hive storage plugin to Hive version 0.13.1 from current version 0.12.0.

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Fix issues with Hive function generation to support DrillBuf

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Allow implicit cast of VARCHAR type arg to VAR16CHAR type when resolving Hive UDFs

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DRILL-1192: Hive Scalar UDFs: Add Date, TimeStamp and Decimal type support

Also following refactoring:

+ Minimize the number of variables in HiveTypes.tdd

+ Make use of Hive TypeEntries and Hive AbstractPrimitiveObjectInspector to simplify Drill ObjectInspectors implementations.


+ Add Hive UDF test implementations and testcases to cover all supported types (passing data into Hive UDF and reading data returned from Hive UDF).

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DRILL-1024: Move hive storage code out of 'exec/java-exec' into 'contrib/storage-hive' module.

+ Create two modules in contrib/storage-hive

++ contrib/storage-hive/hive-exec-shade: creates shaded hive-exec.jar

++ contrib/storage-hive/core: contains Hive storage code (schema, record reader and functions)

+ Update to use BaseTestQuery instead of SimpleRootExec

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