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DRILL-6610: Add support for Minimum TLS restriction.

closes #1388

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[DRILL-6581] C++ Client SSL Implementation Fixes/Improvements

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DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-5582: C++ Client: [Threat Modeling] Drillbit may be spoofed by an attacker and this may lead to data being written to the attacker's target instead of Drillbit

This closes #997

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DRILL-5431: SSL Support (C++) - Add (Netty like) socket abstraction that encapsulates a TCP socket or a SSL Stream on TCP.

The testSSL program tests the client connection against a drillbit by sending a drill handshake.

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DRILL-4313: C++ Client - Thread safe Logging. Improved Drill bit selection. - Update random drill bit selection. Shuffle the list initially, then round robin. Add Utility methods to get random numbers and to shuffle and add vectors. Whitespace cleanup - Add Git properties to build and print to log. - Add interface to get error based on query handle. - Add support for Pooled connections. Allows switching between pooled and unpooled connections based on environment variables

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DRILL-2672: C++ Client - Add support for authentication

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DRILL-1197: C++ Client. Differentiate socket/handshake/query timeout for deadline timer.

It also

- returns more detailed connection status for validate handshake.

- adds timeout options for query submitter.

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DRILL-1305: C++ Client. Consume QueryState message from the Drillbit.

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DRILL-875: Fixes for DRILL-707, DRILL-780, DRILL-835 (Schema change), DRILL-852, DRILL-876, DRILL_877, DRILL-878, DRILL-890

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DRILL-423: C++ Client. Initial implementation (reviewed)

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