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DRILL-3987: (MOVE) Move logical expressions and operators out of common. Move to new drill-logical model.

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DRILL-2923: Ensure all unit tests pass without assertions enabled Modified a number of tests not to use assert, but to instead use one of junit's assertTrue(), assertFalse(), or some other form. Modified test support code that used asserts to throw IllegalStateExceptions instead.

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DRILL-2606: Fix BIT (de)serialization issues in ExprParser.

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DRILL-1555: fix a problem in ArraySegment cloning logic

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Make tests extend shared base class. Add additional tracking in base class around memory usage per test.

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Move to Optiq 0.6 Also includes: -improve exception catching -move schema path parsing to Antlr -close zookeeper connection on if client created -enhance BaseTestQuery and have other query tests utilize it -Various test fixes for better memory release. still needs client allocator to be closed. -refactor DrillSqlWorker and create multiple SqlHandlers -Add PojoRecordReader and DirectPlan capabilities -Update Antlr to use same quoting rules as SQL: single quote for quoted strings, back ticks for identifiers -Move back to old Sorts until bugs are fixed -Refector SelectionVector management within Prels -Add support for NO_EXCHANGES option -Extract SchemaFactories to use Optiq's new Schema handling capabilities -Add basic handling of cancel in UserServer -Remove output requirement from Project -Add start of usercredentials to User communication

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DRILL-387: Support using Hive simple UDFs in Drill * As part of this change FunctionDefinition (and related code) * are deleted, instead the same information available in * Function Holders are used whenever required * Freemarker/CodeModel codegen for Drill ObjectInspectors * Comparator function cleanup

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DRILL-221 Add license header to all files

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DRILL-165: Reorganize directories (moves only)

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