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DRILL-7764: Cleanup warning messages in GuavaPatcher class (#2093)

* DRILL-7764: Cleanup warning messages in GuavaPatcher class

DRILL-7725: Updates to the EVF2 framework

* Supports internal implicit columns

* Better support for standard conversions

* Handle several reader corner cases

* Simplified file reader

closes #2073

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DRILL-7717: Support Mongo extended types in V2 JSON loader

Adds support for Mongo extended types to the JSON loader.

Refactors the JSON code to make such extensions easier.

Added support for provided schema with extended types.

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DRILL-7711: Add data path, parameter filter pushdown to HTTP plugin

Adds an option to specify the path to data so the plugin will

ignore REST message "overhead" except the actual data.

Allows specifying HTTP URL parameters as filter push-downs from


* Revised scan cost model to allow a scan more freedom

to define cost. Needed to ensure that filter push-down

is actually accepted by Calcite.

* Reduced size of HTTP scan plan by including on the one

needed connection config rather than all of them.

* Revised URL building so that the proxy sees the full

URL after adding parameters, etc.

* Many code refinements.

* Added more details to README

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DRILL-7702: Update shaded guava

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DRILL-7437: Storage Plugin for Generic HTTP REST API

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DRILL-7696: EVF v2 scan schema resolution

Provides the mechanism to resolve the scan schema from a

projection list, provided schema, early reader schema and

actual reader schema.

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DRILL-7694: Register drill.queries.* counter metrics on Drillbit startup

closes #2050

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DRILL-7693: Updated protobuf version to 3.11.1

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DRILL-7632: Improve user exception formatting

Adds a colon in the "getMessage()" format of a User

Exception between the context name and value:

My Context: value

closes #2017

DRILL-7637: Add an option to retrieve MapR SSL truststore/keystore credentials using MapR Web Security Manager

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DRILL-7615: UNION ALL query returns the wrong result for the decimal value

closes #2006

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DRILL-7592: Add missing licenses and update plugins exclusion list and fix licenses

closes #1989

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DRILL-7590: Refactor plugin registry

Major cleanup of the plugin registry to split it into components

in preparation for a proper plugin API.

Better coordinates the named and ephemeral plugin caches.

Cleans up the registry API. Sharpens rules for modifying

plugin configs.

closes #1988

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DRILL-7634: Rollup of code cleanup changes

Collection of code cleanup changes. The most significant

is to create constants for function names.

closes #2020

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DRILL-7576: Fail fast for operator errors

Converts operators to fail with a UserException rather than using

the STOP iterator status. The result is clearer error messages

and simpler code.

closes #1975

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DRILL-7549: Fix validation error when querying absent sub folder in embedded mode

closes #1963

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DRILL-7527: DROP METADATA doesn't work with table name starting with '/' inside workspace

closes #1958

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DRILL-7467: Jdbc plugin enhancements and fixes

1. Added logic to close data source when plugin is closed.

2. Added disabled jdbc plugin template to the bootstrap storage plugins.

3. Added new jdbc storage plugin configuration property sourceParameters which would allow setting data source parameters described in BasicDataSource Configuration Parameters.

4. Upgraded commons-dbcp2 version and added it to the dependency management section in common pom.xml.

closes #1956

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DRILL-7506: Simplify code gen error handling

Pushes code gen error handling close to the code gen itself to

allow clearer error messages. Doing so avoids the need to bubble

code gen exceptions up the call stack, resulting in cleaner

operator code.

closes #1948

  1. … 40 more files in changeset.
DRILL-7502: Invalid codegen for typeof() with UNION

Also fixes DRILL-6362: typeof() reports NULL for primitive

columns with a NULL value.

typeof() is meant to return "NULL" if a UNION has a NULL

value, but the column type when known, such as for non-UNION


Also fixes DRILL-7499: sqltypeof() function with an array returns

"ARRAY", not type. This was due to treating REPEATED like LIST.

Handling of the Union vector in code gen is problematic

with about three special cases. Existing code handled two

of the cases. This change handles the third case.

Figuring out the change required poking around quite a bit

of unclear code. Added comments and restructuring to make

that code a bit more clear.

The fix modified code gen for the Union Holder. It can now

"go back in time" to add the union reader at the point we

need it.

closes #1945

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

  1. … 36 more files in changeset.
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.17.0

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DRILL-7494: Unable to connect to Drill using JDBC driver when using custom authenticator

closes #1938

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
DRILL-6332: Allow to provide two-component Kerberos principals

closes #1931

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
DRILL-6832: Removes the old "unmanaged" external sort

When the "managed" external sort was implemented a couple

of years back, we retained the original "unmanaged" version

out of an abundance of caution. The new version is now

battle tested and it is time to retire the original one.

closes #1929

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DRILL-7393: Revisit Drill tests to ensure that patching is executed before any test run

- Added BaseTest with patchers and extended all tests from it.

- Added a test to java-exec module to ensure that all tests there are inherited from BaseTest.

- Revised exception handling in the patchers, now it's individual for each patching method.

closes #1910

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DRILL-7454: Convert Avro to EVF

1. Replaced old format implementation with EVF.

2. Updated, added and improved performance for Avro tests.

3. Code refactoring.

closes #1951

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DRILL-7453: Update joda-time to 2.10.5 to have correct time zone info

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
DRILL-7448: Fix warnings when running Drill memory tests

closes #1902

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