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add liquid/jekyll command for date

prime front matter date>empty

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Body class plugin for fun

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Migrated site from CSS to SASS. Consolidated CSS and JS files. More CDN use.

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Improved home page text and blog spacing

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docpage layout now inherits from default. Fixed hilighting of current toc menu item, where the parent li was not getting the current_section class.

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Adding fa horizontal bars to see if those show up on android mobile browser on tablet. Centering footer.

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Moving breadcrumbs into larger container to have extended border bottom. Got rid of rougue 1px above dl button in menu. Still exists at 110%, but this is an improvement. Restored original /docs.html page by adding noChildren var to top matter, and checking that in order to display content or not. Adding and adjusting margins where needed, which restored clipped blog titles. Changing class fa on homepage section, as that is used by font awesome.

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Removing categories bar and placing responsive categories button near logo. Fixing up margins to look nicer at all widths

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WIP moving default layout into docpage layout and rearranging elements so there is an outer wrapper with width the total of sidebar and main content. Inner wrapper gets margin left to offset the sidebar. This is to avoid scrolling far right in the right main text area.

Also recalculated heights in menu to avoid rogue 1px offset.

Color in sidebar is now only on current selection. Hover will receive


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Auto-generated parent pages

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Removed description tag from documentation rendering. Will use that in the parent pages.

Added documentation homepage at /docs.

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Tool to build documentation DAG (docs.json) and markup to consume that data in documentation nav and breadcrumbs.

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Fixed base path

New doc site style

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External data file for blog authors

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Basic documentation setup

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Social widget

Twitter Q&A blog post and style changes

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Added link to my talk at Portland Big Data User Group.

+ Corrected base URL for Apache GitHub pages (_config.yml).

+ Updated Drill's GitHub URL (menu.html).

+ Spelling fixes.

+ CRLF => LF, trimmed trailing space.

+ Fixed extraneous DIV tags (overview.html).

+ Removed TABS, restructured nested element with 2 spaces.

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Website sources in gh-pages branch

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