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doc updates for 1.15

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Update 090-mongodb-storage-plugin.md

Adding information about possible authentication settings in connection URL for mongodb

update drill doc pages with dates

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remove TBD

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add TBD date

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add liquid/jekyll command for date

prime front matter date>empty

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add date to front matter

DRILL-4213 jekyll/liquid command

remove date

remove unwanted timestamp

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remove web ui security straggler, reorg plugins, add jdbc

minor edits

more edits

more edits

fix curl cmd

fix rn date, link to jdbc plugin doc

minor edit

another web ui security straggler

reference to web ui security

web ui security leftover

minor edit


yet another web ui security reference

Ted's changes

edits to workarounds

minor tweaks

complex nested data edit


Uwe's changes

minor tweak

minor edit

consistency issue

pointer to rn for DRILL 3956

nav changes


Ted's table alias workaround

links to javadoc

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