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DRILL-1372: Separate category B licenses into their own directory in the binary distribution.

Adding a statement about the category B licensed software in the NOTICE files and adding the appropriate reference to MIT licensed source in the LICENSE file for the source distribution.

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DRILL-1274: NOTICE and LICENSE for binary distribution (includes DRILL-1267).

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DRILL-1225: Update license for all third party dependencies.

DRILL-748: C++ Client. Support timestamp/date before unix time and handle y2028 problem.

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DRILL-327: - Use sqlline 1.1.6, and change the license file accordingly. Original patch by B Anil Kumar.

Address comments and make limit work across batches

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DRILL-221, part 3. More license updates. Automatically run Rat plugin with appropriate excludes. Move Synth-log to sandbox until it is part of main mvn build to avoid weird RAT problems.

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DRILL-222 Update LICENSE and NOTICE files to incorporate dependencies correctly

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DRILL-165: Reorganize directories (moves only)

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