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DRILL-4800: Add AsyncPageReader to pipeline PageRead Use non tracking input stream for Parquet scans. Make choice between async and sync reader configurable. Make various options user configurable - choose between sync and async page reader, enable/disable fadvise Add Parquet Scan metrics to track time spent in various operations

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DRILL-4925: Add tableType filter to GetTables metadata query

- Adding tableType filter to GetTablesReq query (needed for JDBC and ODBC


- Fix table type returned by sys and INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables

- Also fixes some protobuf typos to related classes.

this closes #612

Change-Id: If95246a312f6c6d64a88872936f516308874c2d2

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DRILL-4880: Support JDBC driver registration using ServiceLoader

Support loading Drill driver using ServiceLoader. From the user perspective,

it means being able to use the driver without registering it first, like by using

Class.forName("org.apache.drill.jdbc.Driver") for example.

this closes #596

Change-Id: Id26922ee42bef5fbce46ac2bcbb83f1859e9bb48

DRILL-4906: CASE Expression with constant generates class exception

Tests for different data types

close apache/drill#598

DRILL-4911: Avoid plan serialization in SimpleParallelizer when debug logging is not enabled.

DRILL-3178: csv reader should allow newlines inside quotes

This closes #593

DRILL-4203: Parquet File. Date is stored wrongly - Added new extra field in the parquet meta info "is.date.correct = true"; - Removed unnecessary double conversion of value with Julian day; - Added ability to correct corrupted dates for parquet files with the second version old metadata cache file as well.

This closes #595

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DRILL-4894: Fix unit test failure in 'storage-hive/core' module

Exclude 'hadoop-mapreduce-client-core' and 'hadoop-auth' as transitive dependencies from 'hbase-server'

DRILL-4800: Various fixes. Fix buffer underflow exception in BufferedDirectBufInputStream. Fix writer index for in64 dictionary encoded types. Added logging to help debug. Fix memory leaks. Work around issues with of InputStream.available() ( Do not use hasRemainder; Remove check for EOF in BufferedDirectBufInputStream.read() ). Finalize defaults. Remove commented code. Addressed review comments

This closes #611

DRILL-4771: Drill should avoid doing the same join twice if count(distinct) exists

close apache/drill#588

DRILL-4886: Modifying projects POMs to align with Drill's build and distribution.

The default build/test/packaging behavior for mapr-format-plugin module are

1. BUILD of mapr-format-plugin is ENABLED.

2. Unit tests of mapr-format-plugin module are DISABLED (use `-Pmapr` to enable).

3. Packaging of mapr-format-plugin is DISABLED (use `-Pmapr` to enable).

Please see LEGAL-251 for discussion/conclusion regarding inclusion of source code with non-open-source dependency.

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Exclude 'drill-memory-base' and 'tpch-sample-data' jars from jars/3rdparty folder.

DRILL-3898 : Sort spill was modified to catch all errors, ignore repeated errors while closing the new group and issue a more detailed error message.

close apache/drill#591

Explicitly specify `hbase-server` dependency in Hive storage plugin.

Hive's HBaseStorageHandler uses HBase's TableInputFormat which is in hbase-server module.

DRILL-4884: Fix IOB exception in limit n query when n is beyond 65535.

close apache/drill#584

DRILL-4967: Adding template_name to source code generated using freemarker template.

close apache/drill#629

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Updated plugin version to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT

DRILL-4877: If pruning was not applicable only keep the selectionRoot in the entries field.

DRILL-4874: "No UserGroupInformation while generating ORC splits" - hive known issue in 1.2.0-mapr-1607 release - drill is updated to 1.2.0-mapr-1608 hive version.

DRILL-4373: Drill and Hive have incompatible timestamp representations in parquet - added sys/sess option "store.parquet.int96_as_timestamp"; - added int96 to timestamp converter for both readers; - added unit tests;

This closes #600

DRILL-4864: Add ANSI format for date/time functions

DRILL-4864: Add ANSI format for date/time functions(review changes)

close apache/drill#581

updates to what's new for each release

updates to _datadocs.json

updates for drill 1.8 release

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updates to docs for Drill 1.8 release

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Update version to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.

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update to 1.8 release notes

Use DBDocumentReaderBase instead of DBDocumentReader.

MD-290: Fix build failure due to upstream changes.

+ Includes MD-292

DRILL-4862: Fix binary_string to use an injected buffer as out buffer

+ Previously, binary_string used the input buffer as output buffer. So after calling binary_string, the original content was destroyed. Other expressions/ functions that need to access the original input buffer get wrong results.

+ This fix also sets readerIndex and writerIndex correctly for the output buffer, otherwise the consumer of the output buffer will hit issues.

closes #604

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