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DRILL-6210: Enhanced test schema utilities

closes #1150

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DRILL-6199: Add support for filter push down and partition pruning with several nested star sub-queries

closes #1152

DRILL-6208: Fix FunctionInitializerTest#testConcurrentFunctionBodyLoad to use Mockito instead of JMockit

closes #1149

DRILL-6205: Reduce memory consumption of testFlattenUpperLimit test

closes #1147

DRILL-5994: Enable configuring number of Jetty acceptors and selectors (default to 1 acceptor and 2 selectors)

closes #1148

DRILL-6204: Pass tables columns without partition columns to empty Hive reader

closes #1146

DRILL-6187: Exception in RPC communication between DataClient/ControlClient and respective servers when bit-to-bit security is on

This closes #1145

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DRILL-6202: Deprecate usage of IndexOutOfBoundsException to re-alloc vectors

closes #1144

DRILL-6198: OpenTSDB unit tests fail when Lilith client is running

closes #1142

DRILL-6197: Skip duplicate entry for OperatorStats

org.apache.drill.exec.ops.FragmentStats should skip injecting the org.apache.drill.exec.ops.OperatorStats instance for these operators:





closes #1141

DRILL-6189: Security: passwords logging and file permisions

1. Overrided serialization methods for instances with passwords

2. Changed file permissions for configuration files

closes #1139

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DRILL-6195: Quering Hive non-partitioned transactional tables via Drill

closes #1140

DRILL-6185: Fixed error while displaying system profiles via the Web-UI

The bug lies in the absence of a text plan for profiles related to system queries:



use dfs.tmp;

show tables;

alter session reset all;


This addresses that by ensuring an empty string is substituted and the tokenization is done correctly.

closes #1137

DRILL-6192: Drill is vulnerable to CVE-2017-12197

Changed libpam4j version from 1.8-rev1 to 1.9-mapr

closes #1136

DRILL-6188: Fix C++ client build on Centos7, OS X

closes #1132

DRILL-6180: Use System Option "output_batch_size" for External Sort

closes #1129

Added usage for graceful_stop in drillbit.sh

closes #1135

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DRILL-6021:Show shutdown button when authentication is not enabled

closes #1127

add vitalii and kamesh to the team list

DRILL-6172: setValueCount of VariableLengthVectors throws IOB exception when called with 0 value after clearing vectors

close apache/drill#1124

DRILL-6323: Lateral Join - Refactor, fix various issues with LATERAL: a)Override prefetch call in BuildSchema phase for LATERAL, b)EMIT handling in buildSchema, c)Issue when in multilevel Lateral case schema change is observed only on right side of UNNEST, d)Handle SelectionVector in incoming batch, e) Handling Schema change, f) Updating joinIndexes correctly when producing multiple output batches for current left&right inputs. Added tests for a)EMIT handling in buildSchema, b)Multiple UNNEST at same level, c)Multilevel Lateral, d)Multilevel Lateral with Schema change on left/right or both branches, e) Left LATERAL join f)Schema change for UNNEST and Non-UNNEST columns, g)Error outcomes from left&right, h) Producing multiple output batches for given incoming, i) Consuming multiple incoming into single output batch

DRILL-6154: NaN, Infinity issues

- changed comparison rules for NaN, Infinity values. For now NaN is the biggest value, Infinity - second biggest value

- fixed min, max, trunc functions for NaN, Infinity values

- made drill use original sqrt function instead of power(x,0.5) substitution

close apache/drill#1123

DRILL-6164: Heap memory leak during parquet scan and OOM

closes #1122

DRILL-6436: Storage Plugin to have name and context moved to AbstractStoragePlugin

closes #1282

DRILL-6174: Parquet filter pushdown improvements.

Added support IS [NOT] NULL/TRUE/FALSE operator for the parquet filter pushdown.

Added timestamp/date/time implicit/explicit casts.

closes #1131

DRILL-6027: Initial implementation of HashJoin spill, without memory limits checks yet

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DRILL-6153: Operator framework

closes #1121

DRILL-6115: SingleMergeExchange is not scaling up when many minor fragments are allocated for a query.

DRILL-6115: Refactoring the existing code.

close apache/drill#1110

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DRILL-6027: - Added memory claculator - Added unit tests and docs. - Fixed IOB caused by output vector allocation. - Don't double count records that were spilled in HashJoin

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